Agro-technological faculty


Address: 152 Tretiakov Street, Comrat

Telephone: (+373 298) 3 14 67
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The Faculty of Agriculture and Agrotechnology was founded on February 11, 1991 which is as well the date of university establishment.The founder and the first dean of the Faculty was Stepan A. Varban associate professor then and Doctor Habilitated, Professor now.

The Faculty staff is composed of 39 employees 2 of which are professors, 6 - associate professors, 6 - senior lecturers having significant pedagogical experience, 16 – lecturers, 5 – methodologists and 4 – lab assistants. The average age of employees is 45.
Highly qualified specialists share their knowledge and skills with the students; among them Prof. Malişev, Doctor Habilitated, Republic of Moldova higher school honorary employee; Prof. A.I. Derendovskaia, Doctor Habilitated; doctors, associate professors A.P.Beoglu, B.G. Zamaru, F.D. Mitiş, V.D. Podari, V.D. Podari and L.V. Fedotova; as well as experienced production specialists, including C.V. Keleş – Director of the “AtProlin” Brood Horse Ranch; V.C. Vornicov, the head of  the Comrat Region Department for veterinarian sanitation and safety of products of animal origin; E.F.Bass, the Comrat Region plant protection inspector, and others.

The Faculty does scientific research in anatomy and histology, breeding and selection of farm animals, agroecology, plant physiology, resource-saving technologies and development of new technologies for wine production and agricultural products processing.

The Faculty staff have published 4 monographs, more than 70 methodical guidelines, over 300 scientific researches, and has received 10 patents for inventions. There have been defended dissertations for the following academic degrees: Doctor Habilitated in Agricultural Sciences (N.G. Eremiea), Doctor Habilitated in Economics (S.A.Varban), Doctor of Technical Sciences (F.D.Mitiş), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (N.A. Belioglo, S.V. Cara), Doctor of Biological Sciences (A.P.Beoglu). Two of the colleagues have been awarded the title of professor (S.A.Varban, N.G. Eremiea), and four of them – the title of associate professors (L.V.Feodtova, F.D. Mitiş, N.M. Eremiea, A.P.Beoglu).

From 1991to 2010 886 specialists graduated from the Faculty, 141 of which are animal engineers, 40 animal veterinarians, 239 agronomists, 206 wine making technologists, 157 canning technologists, 64 chemists biologists and 39 veterinarian surgeons.  

Currently, the Faculty has 269 full-time students.  104 out of them intend to receive the engineer licentiate degree, 87 – licentiate degree in agriculture, 34 - licentiate degree in pedagogical sciences, 30 - licentiate degree in veterinary medicine and 14 - licentiate degree in natural sciences. The best students have opportunity to do practical training abroad, particularly in Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, Bulgaria and Russia.

 The students can play volleyball, football, basketball and practice free-style wrestling in the sports clubs organized by the Physical Training Department. The University sport teams are among the ten best university teams of Moldova. Student-wrestlers fill the top places in European and world competitions.

Farm Animal Production Technology
Crop Production Technology
Agricultural Products processing
Physical Training

chemical lab of mass analyses,
lab of domestic animals morphology and histology,
horse nursery,
educational-experimental plot.

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