Faculty of economics

Dean :  Tauşanji C.P.,
Doctor of economics

Address: 17 Galatan Street, Comrat, Moldova
Phone: (+373 298) 2-39-80
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vice dean – Racovcena R.R., lecturer at the Department of Economics

The Faculty of Economics was founded the same date the University was, on 11th February, 1991. The first dean and founder of the Faculty was Dr. Tauşanji C.P.

Such highly qualified specialists as professor Parmacli D.M., associate professors Cara M.F, Levitscaia A.P., Aricova Z.N, and Ghenova S.I share their knowledge and skills with the students and colleagues.  Besides, specialists - practitioners make a significant contribution to the training process. Among them the head of АТU Gagauzia Education Department - Balova V.P., the head of the АТU Gagauzia Department of Economics - Chiurcciu V.I., the head of the Credit Department of the "FinComBank" local branch - Ţviatcov V.N., the director of the "Asito"  insurance company Calcişcov S.I.

Faculty members have published five monographs, fourteen textbooks, more than sixty methodical guidelines and more than two hundred scientific researches.

During the period 1991-2010 the Faculty has graduated 1,760 professionals; 827 - in accounting, 754 - in management, 179 - in mathematics and computer science, including 730 – part-time students in all the specialties.

Since 2006 the Faculty has been matriculating graduate students to the second cycle of higher education on completion of which graduate students are awarded Master’s degrees.

Currently, at the Faculty of Economics there study 594 students, 356 of which are full-time students, 158 – are part time and 80 are graduate students.

Academic staff:
Associate professors -6
Senior lecturers-10
Lecturers -19

"Higher Mathematics and Computer Science"

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