Licentiate. Department of Economics


Specialty (code and name): 363.1. Business and administration
The general direction 36 "Economics"

A undergraduate of Business Administration degree is an undergraduate degree with a focus on business administration. Business administration is the most popular postsecondary major in the Republic of Moldova. According to the National office for Statistics of the Republic of Moldova, the greatest number of undergraduate degrees are conferred in the fields of business, which has twice as many students as social sciences and history, the second most popular undergraduate major

The undergraduate of Business Administration degree can be completed in three years if you study full-time. Part-time study will require an additional year.
There are many different career options for a graduate with an undergraduate of Business Administration degree. With your education, you will be prepared to perform many of the functions central to the business administration field, including performance, management, and administrative functions

The undergraduate of Business Administration will develop your business acumen and management capabilities. We provide an international environment and connections to the business world that will enable you to lead a successful career in the world’s top corporations or set up your own business

Many of the students who earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree also choose to go on to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. An MBA is a graduate level degree and is one of the most well regarded education options in the business world. Although an MBA isn't always required for advanced managerial positions, it is often preferred by many employers.

Curriculum of the specialty "Business and management" (here) (PDF) (engl)

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