Faculty of National Culture

Dean: Ianioglo M.A.,
PhD, Associate Professor

Address: 17 Galatan Street, Comrat, Moldova
Phone:     (+373 298) 2-51-65
E-mail:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Faculty of national culture was founded on February 11, 1991.
The founder of the Faculty and its first dean was the senior lecturer Cristioglo I.P.
The Faculty was also headed by Odnostalko M.I., Kulikova A.P., Sibova E.H., and Bankova I.D.
The first professors and lecturers to have made a significant contribution to the development of the faculty were Marunevici M.V., Tanosoglo D.N., Pokrovskaya L.A., Gaydarji G.A., Pometco S.V., Tanasoglo L.I., Ţigler M.A., Sibova E.H., Baurciulu L.K., Bevza E.P., Gazibar I.V., Patik V.V., Jugaru E.S.. Dragalin V.G., Ţurcanu E. S., Jekova E.F., Milev I.N., Ghiumiuşliu D.V., and Draganova S.F.
       The hard-working and creative teaching staff of the Faculty includes professors and lecturers with fifteen-year teaching experience at the university; among them Iofciu N.I., Ibrişim L.I., Kunceva P.V., Malkova S.O., Racovcena T.I., Sulac S.C., Stanţoi N.G., and Şiogoleva T.I.
      The Faculty includes six chairs graduating the specialists in Educational Sciences and Social Sciences on full-time and part-time basis.
- Department of Gagauz Philology
- Department of Bulgarian Philology
- Department of Romanian Philology
- Department of Foreign Languages
- Department of Pedagogy
- Department of Culture and Arts
The Faculty has more than six hundred and fifty students.

The academic staff of the Faculty consists of four professors, twelve doctors and associate professors, twenty two senior lecturers, thirty four lectures, eight methodologists, and three lab assistants. Among them twelve lecturers have got Master’s degrees, eight lecturers are doctoral candidates, twenty seven lecturers have completed courses of continuing education within the project ‘Education Centered on the Student’, three lecturers of the faculty are this project formators.

Faculty staffs do scientific research and methodological work on writing monographs, course books, manuals and student guidelines.
In the year 2010 at the Faculty of National Culture there was founded the Centre for Continuing Education in Educational Sciences; on completing the courses of continuing education certificates were given to four hundred and twenty six trainees including preschool and primary school teachers, as well as teachers of the Gagauz language and literature, and the Bulgarian language and literature.

The Faculty has five functional educational cultural resource centers: the American Resource Center, the Centre of German Culture, the Center of Greek Language and Culture, the Centre of British Culture, the Azerbaijan Center, and the Center of Turkish Culture.
The Faculty graduated one thousand six hundred and forty seven specialists in various fields.

The students have opportunity to conduct researches within the graduation projects, to improve their knowledge of foreign languages, to have practical training in Greece, Germany, Bulgaria and other countries, to participate in student conferences, scientific forums, as well as in various programmes, projects, contests, festivals and cultural and sport events.

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