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The history of the faculty begins with the establishment of the university. The first students were enrolled in December 1990.
From 1992 to 1993 the specialty of Law was taught within the Faculty of Economics, from 1993 to 1997 – it passed to Faculty of National Culture. And just in 1997 at the meetings of the Administrative Council and then the Scientific Council there was made a decision to establish the department of Law as a separate faculty which was headed by Zaharia S. Senior lecturer then and Doctor, Associate professor now.
The department of Law included three subdepartments: ‘Legal Sciences’ headed by Nedealkov I. Senior lecturer; ‘Social Studies’ headed by Marunevici M. Doctor, Associate professor; ‘Foreign Languages’, headed by Bevza E. Senior lecturer.
Staff members with academic degrees and considerable experience in law enforcement have been involved into the academic  activity within the specialty of Law from the date of its foundation, among them: doctors, associate professors Lebedev V. Yu., Guzun V. U., Fedorov K. G., Tiutekina Iu.I., Shinnik D. N., Izhitskiy L. M., Rokachuk M., Gorelko N. A.; senior lecturers Kristioglo I.P., Baurchulu A.P., Nedyalkov I. A., Inglis P. P., Kiseev N. M. - Honoured Lawyer of Moldova, retired judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova.
In October 2005 according to the decision  of the Senate of the Comrat State University supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports the Department of Law was transformed into the Faculty of Law.
Faculty of Law offers both full-time and part-time study programs. The faculty staff includes specialists with different academic degrees and pedagogical titles as well as specialists with considerable experience in law enforcement authorities, prosecuting authorities, courts.

Academic staff:
Habilitated doctors, professors -  5
Doctors, associate professors – 9
Masters of Science -15
Doctorate candidates  - 7
Masters – 3

"Private Law"
"Public Law"
"Social Studies"

For the last 5 years the faculty has graduated more than 600 specialists in the field of Law.
The Faculty of Law cooperates successfully with other institutions of higher education in Moldova and abroad.
All Specialties of the Faculty of Law were accredited by the National Council of Academic Evaluation and Accreditation of Educational Institutions of the Republic of Moldova.

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