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Tuesday, 29 March 2022 20:34


On the 25th of March, 2022,  Rector of Comrat State University, https://kdu.md/  Serghei Zaharia, PhD. Assoc. Professor met with the US Ambassador,  Kent D. Logsdon and his wife, Michelle Logsdon.

Ambassador Logston visited Comrat State University for the first time, where he got acquainted with the history of the university, faculties, scientific, international and innovation centers.

His Excellency, Kent D. Logsdon met with vice-rectors and deans of the faculties, and was very interested in the work of the faculties and the activities of the university. He noted that there are favorable conditions for teaching and learning of students, about advanced training courses and retraining of personnel for the region.

During the conversation, special attention was paid to the active work of the American Resource Center, functioning at the Department of Foreign Languages.

 From 2003 to the present, the Resource Center has been equipped with modern technical equipment, educational, scientific and fiction literature. It provides information about the history, culture and traditions of the United States, educational programs in which students and teachers have the opportunity to participate. The Center hosts various events: classes with students, training seminars, master classes with the involvement of professors and volunteers, representatives of the Peace Corps, with the representatives of the Fulbright programs from the United States. They make a significant contribution to the activities and functioning of the American Resource Center. Thanks to this, teachers and students of CSU took an active part at various times in programs organized by the US Embassy: Junior Faculty Development Program (USA); Fulbright Development Program (USA); Leadership Professional Program; open world; Global Ugrad and others.

This Center is regularly sponsored by the US Embassy in Moldova within the framework of grants, which allows everyone to participate in various international projects, achieve positive results and strive for mutual cooperation.

His Excellency, Kent D. Logsdon, and his wife, Michelle Logsdon, attended a “master class” hosted by Santiago, Program Representative (ETA) “The Fulbright English Teaching Assistant” USA. The guests asked about his teaching activities and how he manages to integrate into the ordinary life of the inhabitants of Gagauzia. It should be noted that Santiago takes part in providing assistance to refugees from Ukraine on the territory of the Gagauzian Autonomy.

His Excellency also met with Ana Chiritsa, Director of Strategic Projects at ATIC in Gagauzia. The meeting was also attended by the Bashkan of the UTA Gagauzia, Irina Vlah and the head of the USAID Mission in Moldova, Scott Hocklander.

The purpose of the visit was to visit the temporary branch of the Tekwill IT Center of Excellence within the walls of Comrat State University. With an area of ​​more than 300 square meters, IT HUB will include several conference rooms, meeting rooms, co-working space, recreation area, etc. It will host activities to stimulate the use of IT, entrepreneurship programs, training and skills development initiatives related to the needs of the private sector. The center will also organize training courses for children, students, professors, teachers and entrepreneurs of Gagauzia. In-school and out-of-school educational programs are being developed for nationwide rollout in partnership with leading private IT companies, and Tekwill content and programs are being made available to talented children from low-income and remote areas, supporting career guidance, STEM education programs, and more.

The mission of the Center of Excellence in the field is to contribute to the economic development of Moldova by equipping world-class educational and training institutions with modern curricula, lecturers and laboratories, to raise the level of education, to provide related assistance in business development, to provide opportunities for research and development, support projects/startups in assessing the global market, promote careers in IT and expand successful Tekwill projects in the regions.

Tekwill was opened by USAID and the Government of Sweden.

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