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Monday, 11 April 2022 15:39


On April 08, 2022, the official opening of a branch of the Power IT company took place at Comrat State University.

Power IT provides consulting, development, support and outsourcing services for national and international clients. The company plans to recruit a team of up to 30 people and become residents of the future IT Digital Hub, which will be created with the support of USAID and the Government of Sweden. The Power IT branch is ready to occupy up to 300 square meters of space in the IT Digital Hub in Gagauzia.

The main goal of opening a Power IT center at the university is to enable the younger generation to develop high-quality solutions and services for customers, making them more efficient, attractive and operational, as well as to offer corporate IT solutions, consulting, development, support and outsourcing for local and foreign businesses.

The overall goal of the company is to empower the local younger generation and offer them the opportunity to make a career in IT.

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