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Wednesday, 18 May 2022 12:21


Official opening


Comrat State University.


On May 17, 2022, the official opening of the Tekwill Comrat Center took place at Comrat State University. The Tekwill Comrat Initiative is a part of the Tekwill Expansion Commitment, an important project for the development of the Moldovan information technology sector and ATU Gagauzia, supported by USAID and Sweden.

The main goal of opening the center within the walls of CSU is to increase the prestige of the regional university, provide assistance to the ATU Gagauzia region, attract more investment in education and training in the field of ICT.

Rector of CSU https://kdu.md/, PhD. Assoc. Prof., Serghei Zaharia; Minister of Education and Researches of RM, Anatolie Topal; Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalization of RM, Iurie Turcanu; Bashkan of ATU Gagauzia, Irina Vlah; His Excellency, US Ambassador to Moldova, Kent D. Logsdon; Her Excellency, Sweden Ambassador to Moldova, Katarina Fried; Head of USAID Agency in Moldova, Scott Hocklander; President of ATIC, Veaceslav Cunev; Senior Project Coordinator Tekwill, Ana Chiritsa; Representative of the Tekwill Comrat Center,  Liubovi Mitioglo and others took part in the official opening of the Tekwill Center at Comrat State University.

During the event, the rector of CSU, Serghei Zaharia, expressed his gratitude to all partners for their cooperation, funding and providing soft investments in order to manage the new center.

With an area of ​​more than 300 square meters in the main building, IT HUB includes several conference rooms, meeting rooms, co-working space, recreation area, etc. Different kinds of events will be held here to stimulate the use of IT programs for entrepreneurs, initiatives to train and develop the necessary skills related to the needs of the private sector, etc. The center will also organize training courses for children, students, teachers, professors and entrepreneurs of Gagauzia.

The Tekwill Center within the walls of Comrat State University will offer educational services to everyone who wants to study the specialty of information technology. These can be both students who want to get a second specialty, and those people who wish to change their qualifications and find a job in the IT field. It is temporarily located in the main building of CSU, because the main facility will not be ready during the entire duration of the project, and in the future it will become part of the large-scale IT Digital Hub project implemented by the Gagauzian authorities with the support of external partners.

The TEKWILL project supports entrepreneurial initiatives in Gagauzia. As part of the "Startup UNI" program, students of Comrat State University took part in an entrepreneurship training program to learn the stages of starting a business, t.e. from an idea to a successful business. Moreover, young people interested in developing a viable start-up have the opportunity to participate in the Startup Moldova Program, which provides support to young entrepreneurs in various fields of activity - entrepreneurship training, financial resource management, infrastructure, access to finance and access to the international market.

The mission of the of ICT Excellence Center in the field is to contribute to the economic development of Moldova, ATU Gagauzia, Comrat State University, equipping educational and educational institutions with modern curricula, lecturers and laboratories; raise the level of education; provide related business development assistance; provide opportunities for research and development; support start-ups in assessing the global market; promote a career in the field of IT and expand successful Tekwill projects in the territory of the Gagauzian Autonomy.

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