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Tuesday, 20 September 2022 14:11

Head of Higher Education Quality Board Prof. Dr. Muhsin Kar's Conference on “Quality Assurance in Higher Education”

Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK) President Prof. Dr. Muhsin Kar held a conference titled “Quality Assurance in Higher Education” at Moldova Comrat State University on September 16, 2022.

In the program hosted by Comrat State University, Taraclia University Rector Maria Pasları, Vice Rectors Fedora Terzi and Vasil Condov, Foreign Relations Coordinator Inna Garanovscaia; Elena Mandaji, Cahul University Foreign Relations Coordinator; heads of departments and academics were present.

At the conference, Head of Higher Education Quality Board Muhsin Kar gave detailed information on the concept of quality, stakeholders' perspective on quality, quality assurance in higher education, quality assurance objectives, quality assurance systems, YÖKAK's quality assurance framework and activities. He also gave detailed information about accreditation practices in his presentation. Comrat State University Vice Rector Sofia Sulak stated that they attach great importance to quality assurance and accreditation, thanked Head of Higher Education Quality Board Muhsin Kar for the information he provided.

The program came to an end after the roundtable meeting where ideas were exchanged on the development of bilateral cooperation.

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