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Friday, 28 April 2023 16:41

Feast of Gagauz writing "Ana dilimiz"

The Feast of the Gagauz writing and language is celebrated annually on April 27, the day of birth of archpriest Michael Chakir. He was the first translator of the Bible into the Gagauz language.

The Gagauz written language was adopted for the first time in 1957. At the beginning of 90s of the last century the Gagauz language was transferred from Cyrillic to Latin script, as intelligentsia and teachers' community considered that Latin script better reflects the specificity of the Gagauz language.

Language and writing are the keepers of people's culture. It reflects a whole stratum of cultural and historical heritage created by generations, and is a bearer of collective memory and intangible cultural heritage of the people. It is a link between the traditions and the modern life of the Gagauz people.

Language and written language of the people represent a basis of its spiritual culture, reflect the very "way of thinking" accepted by the people, that is why a special attention is paid to their preservation and development.

Administration of the Comrat State University congratulates all carriers of this beautiful language with this holiday! May our common written language unite us, no matter where we are!

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