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Tuesday, 16 May 2023 09:07

Conference on "Hıdırellez/Hederlez in Classical Turkish Literature" and "The Sacral Meaning of Hair in Turkish Mythology

Doç. Dr. Abdulmuttalip IPEK and Doç. Dr. Onur Alp KAYABAŞI from Aksaray University visited our university within the Erasmus+ programme on 8-12 May 2023.

During their visit, the distinguished professors Doç. Dr. Abdulmuttalip IPEK and Doç. Dr. Onur Alp KAYABAŞI gave presentations on "Hıdırellez/Hederlez in classical Turkish literature" and "Sacred meaning of hair in Turkish mythology".

The conference was attended by the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Comrat Mr. Hasan AKDOGAN and Counselor for Education of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Chisinau Mr. Cengiz GUZELOLUK.

At the conference, each of them enlightened the students in the area of their topic. In this way, the students learned the history of the origins of the festival of Hederlez. And about where and on which stones the hair symbol is used. Also during the meeting questions were asked by students and teachers.

After the conference, the meeting continued in the rector's office where issues concerning relations between the universities were discussed. The meeting ended with the presentation of certificates of appreciation by the rector of the State University of Comrat, Doç. Dr. Serghei ZAHARIA.

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