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Wednesday, 13 March 2024 09:03


Between March 4-8, 2024, the team from Moldova, together with the teams of partner universities from Moldova, participated in the study visit, held at the University of Valencia, Spain. The study visit was organized within the UPGRADE project – Enhancing Graduates' Employability Tracking in Moldova (Project number: 101129166).

During the visit the participants had an overview of the services and resources of the University of Valencia aimed at the insertion of graduates in the labor market, they visited the university foundation ADEIT, which is responsible for the link between the university and companies, they made a synergy with the FORTHEM project, dedicated student internships and the presentation of the responsible institutional structures, learned about the statistical analysis and the connection with the national service regarding graduate employability and orientation programs, offered by the "UV Ocupacio" Institutional Employment Center.

At the same time, the project partners visited the LABORA Regional Employability Center, where they learned about the level and employability conditions of graduates and youth, supported at the national level. The final part of the visit was dedicated to the innovation fair, a national event where the partners had the chance to interact with representatives of the region's higher education institutions, employers and students from the region, visited the university science park and learned about ways to stimulate and support connections between businesses and students.

For more details, please visit the project web page: https://www.upgrade-project.ase.md.

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