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Thursday, 21 March 2024 22:49

The Comrat State University hosted the second round table of the series of national scientific round tables: "Pages of the history of the Gagauzians in Moldova: past and present"

On March 21, 2024, a significant event took place at the Conference Hall  of the Comrat State University - the second meeting of a series of republican scientific round tables organized by the Association of Historians of the Republic of Moldova "Alexandra Moșanu", the National Research Center of Gagauzia «Maria Marunevich», and the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the Moldovan State University. With words of welcome and wishes for productive debates and discussions, the Rector of the Comrat State University, Associate Professor, PhD in History, Serghei Zaharia addressed the audience. This event was dedicated to the study and discussion of the interwar period in the history of the Gagauz people under the title "Pages of the History of Gagauz People in Moldova: Past and Present". Recognized experts and researchers in the field of history and Gagauz studies representing various regions of the country - mun. Comrat and mun. Chișinău participated in this round table. Their presentations in Romanian, Gagauz, and Russian languages ​​attracted the audience's attention, sparking lively discussions and interest. Participants in the round table included students, high school students, representatives of the scientific community, social organizations, educators, and museum workers. All of them shared a common concern regarding the study of the history of their nation and the formation of identity among young people. The presentations were based on important historical events and documents examining the interwar period in the context of the Moldovan and Gagauz peoples. Such events contribute to creating the necessary atmosphere for productive dialogue in the scientific community, facilitating the understanding of historical processes and their impact on the present.

Department of Scientific Research and International Relations, Comrat State University.

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