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Friday, 05 April 2024 21:56

Visit of the Ambassador of the European Union to Republic of Moldova at Comrat State University


An important event took place at Comrat State University (CSU) on April 5, 2024: the Ambassador of the European Union to Moldova, Yanis Mažeiks, visited the university and held meetings with the administration, faculty, and students. During the meeting with the university administration, the Rector, Associate professor, PhD Serghei Zaharia, shared information about the results and importance of students' and faculty's participation in projects supported by the European Union. He emphasized that this not only contributes to actively implementing new knowledge and practices but also strengthens cooperation in the educational sphere. Special attention was paid to the meeting with the youth. Ambassador Yanis Mažeiks discussed with the students the prospects of Moldova's integration into the European Union and expressed confidence in the numerous opportunities opening up for youth within this cooperation. During the dialogue, students asked the ambassador questions that concerned them, regarding the opportunities for youth and entrepreneurs in the context of integration into the European Union, as well as their expectations for future cooperation. The visit of Ambassador Yanis Mažeiks became another step towards deepening mutual understanding and cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, as well as an important event for the academic and student community of Comrat State University. This dialogue contributes to expanding horizons and enhancing educational and cultural opportunities for students, providing quality prospects for future cooperation.

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