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Wednesday, 15 May 2024 10:56

Participation of students from Comrat State University in a familiarisation seminar on Start Up development with the support of Dreamups company

Participation of students of Comrat State University in an introductory seminar on the development of Start up with the support of the Dreamable company On May 14, 2024, an introductory seminar was held at Comrat State University, where students discovered new horizons in the world of startups. The Orange Digital Center Learning Hub, in partnership with Dreamups, organized a Dreamable Founder Talk with Alexander Yaroslavsky, co-founder of EasyReserv.io, as part of the Dreamable caravan. From the history of the founding of Alexander’s company, students of Comrat State University learned about the first steps to create a startup, about the obstacles, but also about the successes encountered on the path of a young entrepreneur. Colleagues from Orange Moldova and co-founder of EasyReserv.io confirmed the importance of accelerating skills development in order to be competitive in the future. Dreamable invited our university students to discover not only a space where dreams find entrepreneurial fulfillment, but also a place where they can develop and strengthen the mentality of a Start up business founder. Dreamable employees offered students of Comrat State University to get free access to training during the summer trends session during trainings (link to register for courses - https://bit.ly/AplicLaDreamable).

Dreamable is a pre-accelerator organized in a special edition of Dreamups and Orange Digital Center Moldova with the support of the Future Technologies project, funded by USAID, Sweden and the UK, with the support of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

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