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International relations and project management Cooperation

Svetlana GHENOVA,
Vice-Rector for research activity and international relations, Assoc. Prof., PhD

Exchange programs

Программа обмена Erasmus +


The mission of international relations and project management is included in establishing, maintaining and developing contacts with various international institutions and organizations to ensure the visibility of KSU and contribute to institutional development;to develop relations of international cooperation in the field of academic and scientific research with partner
universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, research centers, companies and international foundations;
promoting inter university exchange at the institutional level for teachers and students;
increasing the prestige of the university by disseminating the results obtained by the academic community;
attracting as many foreign students as possible to study programs organized by the university in accordance with the strategic plan of the university.
Comrat State University is one of the leading regional universities in the south of the country, namely ATU Gagauzia, R. Moldova. And its role in the internationalization of higher education is extremely important.
The international activity of the Comrat State University dates back to the moment of its foundation in 1991.
The University establishes and maintains partnerships of mutual interest with prestigious universities around the world. As a higher educational institution, the exchange of intellectual resources not only at the national but also at the international level is a priority in its activities. Getting acquainted with foreign models of education and research and at the same time combining centuries-old traditions in education with foreign experience, Comrat University becomes not only competitive, but also a respected center of knowledge and science.
Within the framework of the concluded Agreements, the exchange of students and teachers, international events and participation in joint projects are carried out. Our university is the preferred partner of many foreign universities.
Every year the university is visited by a large number of foreign professors under bilateral agreements, students, participants in international events, ambassadors, delegations from partner universities and other institutions.
Comrat State University is a regional university in the Republic of Moldova for the implementation of the Erasmus + program.