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Svetlana GHENOVA,
Vice-Rector for research activity and international relations, Assoc. Prof., PhD

Erasmus+ Program





(Prof.- PhD. Assoc. Prof. - Doctor - Lecturer)
1. Foreign Language Grade: An interview shall be conducted in the absence of a foreign language proficiency certificate obtained from an approved exam centre. (Maximum 40 points)

2. Seniority Score: Years of service (professional internship/experience) in higher education will be taken into account. Incomplete years of service shall not be taken into account. (Maximum 10 points
20 years and above 10 points
15-19 years 8 points
10 – 14 years 6 points
5 -9 years 4 points
0-4 years 2 points

3. Title Points: Up to 10 points
Prof. Dr. 10 Points 
Assoc. Dr. 8 points
Dr. 6 Points
Lecturer 4 Points

4. Bilateral Agreement Score: Persons who have concluded or facilitated the signing of bilateral agreements shall be awarded; 
10 points for the 1st agreement,
15 points for the 2nd agreement,
20 points awarded for the 3rd agreement. (Maximum 20 points)
Note: The agreement must be in place before the application date specified in the announcement and should not be benefitted from in previous applications.

5. Candidates with special needs (Personnel with disability) shall be awarded +10 points.

Staff who lectured or supervised students received by CSU within the Erasmus+ study or internship program during the year prior to the application period shall get additional points:

For up to two students + 5 points;
for three and more students +10 points. (Maximum 10 points)

7. In order to prioritise those who have not taken part in mobility within the scope of the Erasmus+ Program, the total score of the personnel who have previously benefited from the Staff Teaching and Staff Training Progr
amme shall be gradually reduced as follows:  
If the personnel concerned benefited the programme
in the previous period: - 20 points;
If benefited 2 years ago: - 10 points;
If benefited 3 years ago: - 5 points. 
Note: no points shall be deducted if the personnel concerned benefited from the mobility 4 years ago or prior.

8. In case personnel who are entitled to benefit from the program cause a disruption by not participating in the mobility without waiving within the given period,
15 points shall be deducted from their total score if they apply in the next application period.

Evaluation will be done by adding the points according to the criteria mentioned above. The specified amount of points will be deducted from the personnel who become entitled to benefit from the program before and did not waive on time.

Ranking shall be made starting from the candidate with the highest score to the candidate with the lowest score, with merit and waiting lists being formed.

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