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Svetlana GHENOVA,
Vice-Rector for research activity and international relations, Assoc. Prof., PhD

Erasmus+ Program




General conditions
1. The student must be enrolled in a full-time program taught at CSU.

2. Preparatory year students are not eligible for the program. During the thesis period, Master's students will not be able to take courses at the university they will attend, as no courses are taken during this period. Therefore, Master’s students who become eligible to benefit from the program must, in correspondence with the respective Erasmus+ Department Coordinator, make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the university they wish to attend agrees to their teaching a research project course equivalent to 30 ECTS credits. The institution where the internship will take place must be related to the student's field of study. The responsibility to find an internship vacancy lies with the student. Given that finding a company or organization for an internship demands a certain amount of time, students should start their searches as soon as possible.

3. In order to be eligible, the overall academic grade point average of undergraduate and graduate students must stand at minimum 6.00/10.00 and 7.00/10.00 respectively. 

4. Language certificates of the students
holding a minimum English exam score of 60/100 (equivalent score from exams such as TOEFL) shall be taken into consideration, the score on the document constituting the foreign language score.

5. Students without any language certification should score at least 60 points on the Erasmus+ Foreign Language Exam to be conducted by Comrat State University to further their applications. The respective minimum score shall apply as 75 points with respect to the students of the English Language and Literature Department and English Language Teaching Department.

6. The above-mentioned minimum scores obtained on the Comrat State University Erasmus Foreign Language Exam shall be valid for two (2) years.

7. The shortlisted candidates
for Erasmus Study or Internship Mobility Programmes shall undergo an oral exam (Erasmus+ Oral Interview). 75% of the written exam and 25% of the oral exam shall make up the Erasmus|+ Language Score. Students performing below the B1 level on the Erasmus+ Oral Interview exam shall be deemed unsuccessful.


8. The evaluation criteria and weighted scores to be employed in the evaluation of
applications are as follows;
Academic success level: 50%
Erasmus+ language score: 50%

9. While calculating the overall score of students who have benefited from the student or internship mobility within the scope of the Erasmus+ Program, a reduction of 10 points shall be applied for each activity previously conducted (without any distinction as to education or internship). Also, a 10-point shall be deducted from the total score of those students who have applied for the exam before and did not waive on time.

10. Students with disabilities shall be awarded +10 points in addition to their overall score (provided that their disability is documented).

11. In case the students who are entitled to benefit from the program c
ause a disruption by not participating in the mobility without waiving within the given period, 15 points shall be deducted from their total score if they apply in the next application period.

12. Evaluation will be done by summing the points according to the criteria mentioned above. The specified amount of points will be deducted from the student who has benefited from the program before and does not waive on time.

Ranking shall be made starting from the candidate with the highest score to the candidate with the lowest score, with merit and waiting lists being formed.

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