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Faculty of Agrarian Technology


Deсan Assoc. Prof., Dr. Serghei CARA  
tel. +373 (298) 2-56-73
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Faculty of Agrarian Technology was founded from the first day of the existence of the University on February 11, 1991, it is one of the structural divisions of CSU.

The Department "Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products" and the Agrolaboratory function in the structure of the faculty.

The mission of the Faculty of Agrarian Technology is aimed at developing and maintaining a high level of University education and scientific research in the field of production and processing of agricultural products of the Republic of Moldova. The successful implementation of the mission is determined by the promotion of effective cooperation between the teaching staff and the scientific community, the introduction and development of functional professional programs for the Licentiate and Master's Degree. Introduction into production is carried out through the training of highly qualified and competitive specialists in the general area of ​​training:

  • 081 "Agricultural Sciences"
  • 071 "Engineering and Engineering Activities"
  • 072 "Technology of Production and Processing"

The educational focus of the faculty is to meet the educational needs of the student and society, the training of highly qualified specialists who are in demand on the labor market, possessing the full range of competencies in their chosen field of activity, as well as the development of human potential to ensure the quality of life, sustainable development of the region's economy.

Strategic objectives of the faculty:

  • promoting the sustainable development of the scientific and educational potential of the Comrat State University - the development of a modern educational environment that provides conditions for the creative self-realization of an individual open to innovation, as well as the need for lifelong education;
  • expanding of research and innovation activities of the faculty in the field of agriculture and processing industry, actively participating in the integration processes of the Moldovan and European scientific and educational space;
  • improving the educational process based on the active use of innovative approaches and modern information technologies, subordinating them to the task of combining the harmonious formation of the personality of a future specialist-graduate with a focus on leadership in the field of research and professional activities;
  • representing the faculty in the international, national and regional scientific and educational space, integrating its academic intellectual and information potential with leading Universities / Scientific / Educational centers of the Republic and other countries.

Training of specialists at the faculty is carried out in the following specialties:

I Cycle of Higher Education, Licentiate (full-time education):

0721.2 Food Technology, 240 credits;

0811.1 Agronomy, 240 credits;

0710.1 Engineering and Management of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products, 240 credits.

I Cycle of Higher Education, Licentiate (distance learning):

0811.1 Agronomy, 240 credits;

 II Cycle of Higher Education, Masterate:

Professional Program in General Education 081 Agricultural Sciences with a specialization in Agricultural Production Management, 120 credits (full-time / part-time study).

Curricula developed:

I Cycle of Higher Education, Licentiate:

0710.1 Engineering and Management of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products, 240 credits (correspondence course);

0114.5 Chemistry / 0114.6 Biology, 240 credits (full-time education).                                                                                                                                  

II Cycle of Higher Education, Masterate:

Research program in the general direction of education 081 Agricultural Sciences with a Specialization Production of Grape and Wine Products in the Conditions of the South of Moldova, 90 credits;

Professional Program in General Education 081 Agricultural Sciences with a Specialization in Agroecology, 120 credits.

Advanced Courses:

Continuing education program didactics biology (60 hours / 20 ECTS);

Chemistry continuing education program (60 hours / 20 ECTS).

Directions of scientific research of the faculty of the Faculty of Agrarian Technology:

  • Development and implementation of modern technologies for the production of grapes in the agro-ecological conditions of ATU Gagauzia;
  • Innovative technologies for ecological beekeeping in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Development of innovative approaches in the processing of waste from the wine industry;
  • Monitoring the quality of water resources used in agriculture;
  • Climatic conditions and problems of desertification of the southern zone of the Republic of Moldova and patterns of agrarian nature management;
  • Biological diagnostics of soils of farms in the South of Moldova;
  • Isolation of local yeast strains for the production of white and red wines.

Practical Internships (practice)

The main purpose of practical internships is to familiarize students with the main types and tasks of future professional activities. In particular, the practice of students in the field of agriculture is aimed at:

  • obtaining basic experience of familiarization with the place of internship, its goals, objectives and features of crop production;
  • obtaining information about the main types and methods of organizing the professional activities of specialists;
  • consolidating of theoretical and practical knowledge gained during training, as well as their application in practice;
  • gaining the necessary experience to write an analytical report based on the results of practice, i.е. based on the results of practical (research, etc.) work.


The main objectives of practical internships are:

  • consolidating and expansion of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills acquired by students in the previous period of theoretical training;
  • formating of ideas about the work of specialists of individual structural divisions in organizations of various profiles, as well as about the style of professional behavior and professional ethics;
  • gaining practical experience of working in a team;
  • preparation of students for the subsequent conscious study of professionals, including specialized disciplines.

According to the goals and expected results, the practices are multifunctional and diverse, but in general they are aimed at mastering the necessary competencies for students to conduct professional activities. According to the Regulations on the practice of students of the Comrat State University, students are sent to all types of practice by order of the rector.

The schedule of educational, engineering and industrial practice flexibly fits into the structure of the educational process. Before the start of the practice, orientation conferences are held, meetings at which the students are explained the goals, content, procedure for internship and documentation. The declared competencies, which are realized through the content of each type of practice, correspond to the competencies described in the Curriculum of the relevant specialty.