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The Faculty of Agriculture and Technology
Assoc. Prof., Dr. Serghei CARA


The current level of our society and the ongoing changes in its socio-economic structure highlight the problems of the agricultural and processing sectors in the republic.  In this regard, the issues of manoeuvring the economy to a higher standard, and those of scientific support for improving the production and processing of agricultural products prove to be particularly important. This problem can be solved only through enhancing the training for specialists in this field, since the quality of education means the quality of society, and it is precisely this that our faculty focuses on.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Technology was founded on February 11, 1991. The founder and the first dean of the Faculty is the then associate professor, and now doctor habilitat, professor Stepan VARBAN.

The faculty staff published 4 monographs, more than 70 guidelines and more than 300 scientific papers; and received 10 invention patents. There have been defended dissertations for the following degrees: doctor habilitat of agricultural sciences (N.G. Ieremia), doctor habilitat of economic sciences (S.A. Varban), doctor of engineering (F.D. Mitiș), doctors of agricultural sciences (N.A. Belioglo, S.V. Kara), doctor of biological sciences (A.P. Beoglu). The scientific staff of the Faculty includes professors (S.A. Varban, N.G. Ieremia) and associate professors (L.V. Fedotova, F.D. Mitiș, N.M. Ieremia, A.P. Beoglu, S.V. Cara).

The best students have the opportunity to complete internship programmes abroad, in particular, in Germany, the UK, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Russia.


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