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Department of military training


I. General information

The military department is located in the Sports - Complex Building on 49 Gavrilov Street.

The department was founded on the USC Senate decision in October 2002 and began its work on November 1, 2006.

Head of the Military Department Colonel Rusu Andrei Ilici, colonel.

During his work, 1115 people were trained at the department, who obtained the necessary skills in the management and organization of Modern Combat within the Department. All graduates received the title and position of Commander of the infantry section.

Registration at the military department is carried out on a voluntary basis . Students from any High School in the Republic Of Moldova - in stationary form, as well as part-time, after the first semester of the first year of the course, as well as coledjiu graduates can attend the Department. Age up to 40 years. The peculiarities of the organization of training at military departments are established by the Minister of Defense.


II. Didactic and methodical activities.

Didactic-methodical activity is focused on preparing students for the defense of their homeland, in accordance with the programs approved by the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Moldova.

The Curriculum, together with theoretical activities, also provides practical activities for the execution of firearms tasks, as well as the throwing of combat grenades at the Training Center in Cahul. Organization and daily life of the army life, students study directly in the military part of deployed in the city of Cahul. All practical activities are carried out in the field of combat technique and armament of the National Army.


III. Technical-material basis.

The military department has the necessary military literature, training posters, as well as small arms models in the National Army. There are complete sets of chemical protection to carry out practical activities to protect against weapons of mass destruction. All students are insured with military uniforms .


The composition of the department:

Rusu Andrei - Colonel, head of the military department of KSU.

In 1987, he graduated from the Kaliningrad Military Aviation Technical School in Kaliningrad. From 1987 - 1992 he served in various positions in the aviation regiment located in the Bryansk region.

From 1992 to the present day he has been a member of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova. Currently, he is the commander of the Military Center of ATU Gagauzia.

Topal Anatoly - Colonel reserve, teacher of the military department of KSU, in 1983 he graduated from the Higher Border School in Moscow.

In 1993 -1998 he served in the border troops under a contract in official positions.

In 1998-2015 he served as an officer in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova.

Currently is the mayor of mun. Chadir - Lunga.

Daskalash Igor - lieutenant colonel, teacher of the military department of KSU.

In 1986 he entered the RSh. M.V. Frunze Chisinau. After serving in 1989, he entered the Kharkov Guards Higher Military Tank Command horde. Red Star College named. Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR. Upon completion in 1993, he served in various positions in the National Army.

He was the commander of the Military Center of Taraclia and Cahul.

Currently, he is in the position of Deputy Military Center of ATU Gagauzia.

Manastyrly Grigory - major, teacher of the military department of KSU.

From 1987-1990, he was a graduate of the Republican Specialized School named after M.V. Frunze, with in-depth study of the Russian language and military-physical training in Chisinau.

From 1990-1994 - cadet of the Kharkov Guards Higher Military Tank Command School. Of the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR, (from 02 to 04.1993 - the commander of a training tank platoon, tank regiment of Nikolaev (Solyany sity, Ukraine).

From 08.2012 - 05.2015 the inspector of the fire safety department of the Emergency Situations Directorate of Gagauzia, the Civil Defense Service and the Emergencies Ministry of the Republic of Moldova At present, I.O., Head of the Prevention Service of the Emergency Situations Department of Chadir-Lunga of the Regional Emergency Management Department of ATU Gagauzia GICH of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova.

Kasym Oxana - laboratory assistant, methodologist of the military department.