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Foreign Languages Section


Head of the Department - Sulac Sofia Constantinovna,
Doctor of Philology, associate professor.

: Taralesh Evdochia Marcovna.


 +373 298 27638
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Mission of the Department of Foreign Languages of CSU:

  • implementation of educational, international, scientific and socio-cultural activities;
  • training of a new generation teacher-linguist who: - knows two or three foreign languages and the principles of their functioning in relation to various areas of speech communication; - has a high level of general humanitarian education; - effectively uses information technology; - possesses specialized skills in the field of business foreign language; - has a good command of interactive methods for increasing language competence and possesses critical thinking; - is able to quickly navigate the rapidly growing flow of information; - is capable of further education and self-education and is easily adapting to the modern labor market.


The Department of Foreign Languages at CSU offers innovative and modern programs in the field of teaching the English and German languages and cultures. It will provide you with the necessary critical skills that are in demand on the labor market in the 21st century. The curricula also include teaching French, Greek and Latin. In addition, courses for studying the Chinese, Hungarian and Turkish languages are organized on the basis of the department. Various international training and exchange programs give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language environment and culture of native speakers of the languages studied.

Our department is one of the leading departments at the faculty of national culture at CSU. The teaching staff is represented by full-time and part-time specialists, including one (1) professor, five (5) associate professors, seven (7) doctoral students and two (2) assistant lecturers. We provide training at different levels of language proficiency and offer combined programs in the field of teaching English, German and Russian.

Today, the department trains students in the following dual BA specialties: 0114.10 “Foreign languages (English and German)”; 0114.10/0114.09 “Foreign languages (English)/ Russian Language and Literature”. Upon completion of the I cycle training (Bachelor), students get the opportunity to continue their education in the II cycle (Master’s) in the direction 011. “Teaching Germanic languages in pre-university educational institutions in a multi-ethnic medium”.

Currently, our department hosts students both from the whole south of the Republic of Moldova and from abroad including Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Turkey.

All our students are eligible for various academic and social scholarships, as well as annual republican, parliamentary, presidential, Bashkan’s and other additional scholarships.

We provide continuing professional development for English teachers at all levels, with emphasis on skills updating, exchange of knowledge and professional growth.

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​has American, British, German, Greek and Hungarian Resource and Cultural Centres equipped with modern facilities, which allow the use of multimedia in teaching foreign languages. In addition, there is a variety of fiction and specialized literature: textbooks, dictionaries, reference books and periodicals. High school students from the region and university students have the opportunity to use this literature to write essays, term papers, as well as diploma and master theses.

Teachers and Doctors of Philology from the USA annually come to CSU as part of the FULBRIGHT program. They organize English discussion clubs, where the participants watch movies and documentaries, practice conversational skills, overcome language barriers, enjoy American holidays, and take part in various cultural activities.

Fruitful cooperation with DAAD, PAD and FULBRIGHT international programs allows students and teachers to travel to Germany and the USA, to take international summer courses in-depth study of the German language, writing a thesis, study in master and / or doctoral studies, as well as for advanced training and research. Recently, students have been very interested in the GLOBAL UGRAD and ERASMUS + programs, which allow them to study at universities in the United States of America and Europe for one semester or academic year.

The unique history and a special palette of cultures of our region create a favorable environment for students of the Department of Foreign Languages for a better understanding of different cultures and language learning. Modern, technically equipped classrooms allow our students to immerse themselves in the language environment at lectures most effectively, and the use of Internet technologies and the MOODLE platform allow students to consolidate the material they have completed and supplement their training with independent knowledge of the language of interest.

Our teaching staff is actively working on the development and participation in various projects with the aim of further development and competitiveness of the department, as well as on the improvement the quality of teaching.

Upon graduation, our graduates have the opportunity to work as teachers in secondary schools and lyceums, colleges and universities, as translators in national and international firms, organizations and institutions, as well as to be in demand in non-governmental organizations, local and regional authorities, in tourism and in other areas of activity.



  • We provide a four-year training in the area of language teaching, literature and culture of Germanic people as a basis for  our BA specialties with the possibility of continuing their education in the II cycle (Master’s).
  • We offer Master’s Degree training in the specialty 011.“Teaching Germanic languages in pre-university educational institutions in a multi-ethnic medium”. Our graduates are capable: a) to make mature decisions in the field of teaching the English and German languages,  cultures and literature; b)to participate in designing  and implementing research projects(in English, German or Russian) related to Comparative Germanic linguistics.
  • We provide our MA students with the knowledge and skills for further studies at the Doctoral schools.
  • Our graduates: a)have a good command of English, German, Russian and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and theoretical linguistics  in theory and in practice; b)understand and analyze  English, German, Russian Literature; c) possess the knowledge on the history and culture of Germanic peoples.
  • Thanks to close collaboration with foreign embassies, exchange and research programmes, teachers from many countries are coming and organize free language courses of English, Chinese, Greek, Hungarian for students,  university staff and the citizens of the region. The trainings are provided by native speakers.
  • Our graduates are employed in education and other public positions that require full knowledge of foreign languages and cultures. In short, our graduates work for institutions that address all the needs of our multicultural society. Some work in translation and interpretation companies, social services, tourism industry, public relation industry, international business centres, migration and naturalization services, foreign trade companies, and diplomatic services.
  • The specialists of our Department conduct research in linguistics and intercultural communication so as to diversify further Department’s activities.



The Foreign Languages Department was founded in 1991.  Since that time, the Department has been led by Mrs.Tsigler M.A., senior lecturer (1991-1994); Mrs. Bevza E.P, senior lecturer (1995-2005). From 2005 to the present the Department has been led by Mrs. Sulak S.K., PhD, associate professor.

During these years, a number of experienced lecturers,  professors, Doctors of Sciences from different regions of Moldova,  Greece, USA, UK, Turkey and Poland have been involved in teaching students of the Department.   Several lecturers of the Department have undergone trainings in the USA (through Fulbright and IREX Programs) and Germany (through DAAD Program). Lecturers and professors of the Department take active part  in various national and international conferences and seminars, where they meet colleagues from different cities of Moldova and other countries to exchange and share their experience . There is a large number of scientific articles published by the lectures and professors of the Department in various national and international specialized journals. 

Since 1999, the Foreign Languages Department has been a center of professional linguistic training for students not only from ATU Gagauzia and other regions of Moldova, but also from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Turkey.  During the whole period of its activity, the Department   has conducted the education  on the following qualifications:

  • “The English Language and Literature. The German Language”;
  • “The German Language and Literature. The English language”,
  • “The English Language and Literature. The Romanian Language”;
  • “The English Language and Literature. The Russian Language”,
  • “The Romanian Language and Literature. The Greek Language”,
  • “Computer Science and the German. English Language”,
  • “The German Language and Literature. The Greek Language”,
  • “The English Language and Literature. The Spanish Language”.

Graduates of our department work in the following institutions: Comrat State University, Pedagogical College of Comrat, all theoretical lyceums  of our region and the Republic of Moldova, Moldo-Turkish Lyceum “Orizont”, gymnasiums of the Region, non-governmental organizations, such as “Piligrim-Demo”, “Youth of Gagauzia”, “Delphin” and others;  our graduates  also work as political advisers, members  of municipal and regional   bodies.


Professional Staff Development Courses for English language teachers

Curricula and Analytical Programs

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Plan of activities (scientific, educational), planned at the Department of Foreign Languages for 2019-2020 academic year