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Salı, 07 Mayıs 2019 10:46

First 18 months of the Ag-Lab project have been completed!

Results so far...

After 18 months the outcomes of the Ag-Lab project are the following: - Development and validation of the training courses for master students devoted to the laboratory practice in the field of veterinary medicine, food technologies, agronomy and animal husbandry; - Launching of the pilot courses for master students at MD, UA and GE universities; - Set-up of the long-distance learning Ag-Lab "Moodle" portal; - Purchase of equipment; - Development of the training programme for the post-diploma courses for acting laboratories staff; - Implementation of the quality strategy under the coordination of the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences; - Carrying out of the technical work for the Web-portal; - Different dissemination actions: publications, TV programmes, exhibitions (LabComplex in UA), film in GE.

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