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Вторник, 13 июля 2021 14:58


Dear Researcher
We are honored to announce the  International Conference on Ottoman Turkish Studies and invite you to this meeting on August 21-22, 2021 in Istanbul Open to all Ottoman topics from all disciplines 
Presentations will be in disciplinary sessions
All services are free of charge
Free participation and presentation (online or face to face)
Free Certificates Calendar
Abstract submission deadline: August 1, 2021
Payment : No payment
Programme announcement August 8, 2021 (program includes zoom ID and password)
Full text submission deadline: August 30, 2021 (full text is not mandatory)
Proceedings book publication: September 10, 2021 Application and registration steps
1- Send your abstract to Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. until August 1, 2021 (word/doc)
2- If you abstract is accepted by referee you will receive an acceptance mail
4- Programme will be announcement in August 8, 2021 on web site (check your name at programme)
5- Join in meeting via zoom, make your presentation
6- After your presentation you will receive your certificate FREE SERVICES
- 1 paper presentation (with up to 3 authors)
- Certificates (for all authors)
- Abstracts and full texts publications in proceedings book (with ISBN)
Conference web site: https://www.ottomanturkishstudies.org/conference
Contact: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. This conference is organized by Institute of Economic Development and Social Research of Turkey
www.iksad.org.tr MAIN TOPICS

Religion and Society
The effect of religion on the structuring / implementation of politics
Muslim-non-Muslim relations
State and society
Dissident movements
Foundations and their place in the social structure
Politics and Law
Administrative and bureaucratic structure
Legal thought and practice
Legal and political changes in the classical-modern period
Production-consumption relations
Financial-financial structure
Functioning of the commercial structure
International trade
Army and War
Army organization
Expedition organization
War industry
War-economy relationship
Ottoman navy
Ottoman historians
Suleiman The Magnificent
Ottoman taxation and finance
Sultan III. Selim's reign
Ottoman navy
Ottoman Architecture
Ottoman land army
Education in the Ottoman world
Minority groups under Ottoman rule
The role of women in Ottoman rule
Science, Technology and Thought
Philosophy, theology and mysticism thought
Medical sciences
Industrial, military production
Cultural / intellectual interactions
Health in the Ottoman Empire
Health policies
Folk medicine
Recreation, entertainment
Ottoman kitchen
Costume and decoration
Ottoman explorers, geographers and cartographers
Zionist movement in the Ottoman period
Crimean Tatars and Cossacks
Old and New Turkish poetry
Entry into the Caucasus region
Ottoman Transylvania
Ottoman-Kurdish relations
Sephardic Jews in the Ottoman world
Ragusa (Dubrovnik) and the Ottomans
Rhodes and Malta in the Ottoman period
Tanzimat, an age of reform
Young Turks "
"New Ottomans"
Ottomans in World War I
The rise of the Republic of Turkey
The role of the armed forces in modern Turkish politics
Islamic revival and anti-republican tendencies in modern Turkey
International Relations and Diplomacy
Foreign policy
Testaments and treaties
Security and intelligence
The foreign relations of the Ottomans with any of the following:
the Hapsburgs
Safavid Iran
The Ottoman legacy and the nationalist movement in:
the Gulf States
Turkish Dialects and Literatures
Comparative Studies
Old Turkish Language and History
Historical Turkish Literatures
Relationship and Interaction of Turkish and World Literatures
Contemporary Turkish Dialects
Contemporary Turkish Literatures
History of the Turkic World
Geography of the Turkic World
The Silk Road and Economic Issues of the Turkic World
Turkish Communities and Culture
Youth Issues in the Turkish World
Interaction and Relations Between Turks in the Turkic World
History of Eurasian States and Societies
Historical Values of Eurasia-Archeology
Innovative Approaches and Applications in Education in the Region
Environmental Problems in the Turkish World
Issues of Religion and Belief in the Turkic World
Intercultural Relations in Eurasia
Folk Science Studies in Turkish Communities
History of Music
Fine Arts and Art in the Turkic World
Media and Communication in the Turkic World and Modern Societies
Turkish World Folklore and Studies
Art Studies in the Turkic World
Regional Problems and Solutions in Eurasia
Political Relations of Region States and Communities
Turkish World and International Politics
Energy in Eurasia
Economic Problems in the Turkish World
Economic Relations, Cooperation and Integration in Eurasia
Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Turkic Republics
Economic History in the Turkic World
Business Management and Management Approach in Turkish Republics
 Entrepreneurship in Turkic Republics
Religion, Philosophy and Law in the Turkic World
Sociological Problems and Solutions in the Turkish World
Turkish World Geography and Geography Studies
Regional Tourism and Applications
Women's Studies in the Turkic World