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British Culture Centre



British Culture Centre was established at Comrat State University in December 2005. The center was opened with the assistance of the British Embassy in Moldova to help teachers and students of the region. The main purpose of the Center is to help university students master the English language, literature and culture of Great Britain.

At British Culture Centre, students have the opportunity to listen to lectures on topics related to the culture of Great Britain, the latest achievements in the field of linguistics, as well as on topics related to the life of young people, in particular, university life and the difficulties faced by young people in life and study.

The Centre exists as a unit that organizes cultural and educational events for all departments of the university.  It should be noted that the centre has organized practical classes, seminars, Olympiads in English, various trainings, master classes, meetings of discussion clubs, where students of the Faculty of National Culture and other faculties have participated and are taking part even now. All these events are dedicated to the history and culture of Great Britain, as well as the historical events and cultural changes that have taken place in this country.

It has become a tradition that every year at the beginning of the academic year, the Center holds a seminar for all first−year students of language groups with the participation of teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages and library staff of CSU, whose purpose is to demonstrate to listeners the importance of the ability to work with dictionaries, as well as to tell about the latest trends in the field of lexicography.

The Reading Centre club was founded at the Center of British Culture in 2010.  Here our students have a unique chance to read English works in the original, develop their language skills, improve their vocabulary, and learn a lot of new and interesting facts about the UK.

The center is equipped with educational, scientific and fiction literature. A wide variety of literature and dictionaries helps students improve the quality of knowledge and prepare for seminars, as well as work on projects, term papers and theses. The methodological literature presented at the Center will help English language teachers to familiarize themselves with new teaching methods and make the learning process more interesting and effective. All students of English have an excellent opportunity to read the best works of great English writers in the original, available in the literary fund of the Center.

The center is equipped in accordance with modern standards what makes it possible for the students to improve their listening skills and the teachers to vary their classes.