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Economics section


Head of the department, doctor of economics, conference of universities.

Contact details:
Address: Republic of Moldova, Comrat, st. Galatzana, 17
Tel: (+373298) 23980 Fax: (+373298) 23481
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Mission of the Department of Economics, Management and Marketing of the Republic of Moldova. Successful implementation of the mission to expand opportunities for effective cooperation between teachers and academic communities, the introduction and development of functional professional programs for a license, master's and doctoral programs.



The Department of Economics was founded simultaneously with the Gagauz National University in 1991. That time it was called the Department of Economics and Social Sciences and Humanities, the first head of the department was doctor of economics Taushanji C.P.

The Department of Economics is one of the leading educational and scientific units providing teaching of disciplines of economic content, within the framework of professional educational programs (specialties and specializations) of the university. The department actively introduces modern innovative educational technologies into the educational process, conducts research, organizes the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel.

Significant work of teaching and research activities in the formation and development of the department was invested by scientists of the Republic of Moldova: professors Orlov S.A., Onofrei A.Z., Parmakli D.M., associate professors Aricova Z.N., Levitskaya A .P., Genova S.I.

The department regularly takes part in fairs and exhibitions, including the National Exhibition "Made in Moldova", the Exhibition - Fair of Educational Institutions in Comrat, the national exhibition INFOINVENT, etc.

The members of the department were repeatedly awarded by the Republic of Moldova and the ATU Gagauzia. They also actively cooperate with authorities in order to improve the mechanisms of economic development of the region.

One of the priorities of the department is to establish and expand international cooperation with universities from Sweden, Italy, Romania, Portugal, France, Slovenia, Finland, Great Britain, the Ukraine, Turkey and Russia.

The department is actively involved in scientific and educational projects:

  • Inter-university Start-up centers for students innovations development & promotion (2012 - 2015) 530349- TEMPUS FR-JPHES
  • Erasmus Mundus Broadening Educational Experiences (EMBER)
  • Development of the infrastructure of the INNOCENTER Innovation Incubator.

The Department of Economics offers the next specialties of the first training cycle: “Marketing and Logistics”, “Business and Management”, “Tourism”.

In addition, there is a master's degree in Business Administration, Marketing Management, and Economics of Firms and Industry Markets, where graduates of the first cycle of economic and non-core disciplines continue their studies.

The department also has doctoral studies in specialty 521.03 “Economics in industries and fields of activity”

Graduates of specialties and specializations of the Department of Economics have fundamental knowledge in the field of economics, management, marketing and business.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are various organizations of the economic, industrial and social spheres.

The department is actively engaged in scientific work with students - the Student Center for Initiative Youth CSU "SCIM" functions and shows good results.

Among the important projects of the department is the annual competition of Innovative Business Ideas, which allows initiative students to develop their entrepreneurial abilities and provides students with contact with entrepreneurs and potential employers of the region.