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Department of Romanian and Slavonic Philology


The head of the Department
Boicova Larisa
dr., conf.univ.
Associate Professor, doctor of Philology
Secretary : Starciuc Aliona
Methodist: Alain Valerianovna Of Starchy
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





The Department of Romanian and Slavonic Philology was founded in 1991 as a result of the institutional reform within the Comrat State University.

Founded in 1991, the Department became an important structural component  of the Faculty of National Culture  which provides educational and professional training programs for the first-cycle (Licentiate) degree programme students and for the second-cycle (Master's) degree programme students in the field of philology.

At the department of Romanian and Slavonic Philology there is strong strategic focus on improving the  educational system; the department provides education and training of capable professionals in the area of education, languages and literature  by means of research and  education.

Successful work by all team members provides the students with top-level skills in accordance with national and international standards; our students have knowledge, skills and other competencies to effectively perform their future work and to lead an active social life.

Different training courses on literature, methodology, linguistics, history, culture for the first-cycle degree programme students and for the second-cycle degree programme students are compulsory and are regarded as the foundation for realization of the educational programmes.

The members of the department try to combine teaching activities with research; lecturers and professors of the Department take active part  in various national and international conferences and seminars; the major scientific research results by the teaching staff  are published in the scientific articles. The teachers of the department  exchange new experiences  and scientific results during the scientific conferences in our country and abroad.

The Department cooperates with profile educational establishments and academic institutions of Republic of Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.

Collaboration with teachers from Romania and Bulgaria covers a number of joint training activities, which are:

*  Exchange of new experience related to philological research(teacher training aspect);

* Exchange of experience by organizing

 and participating in the seminars and  conferences;

 * Exchange of teacher-education materials and scientific publications;

* Work on the scientific and methodic publications developed by the specialists of cooperating universities.

*  Implementation of joint training courses and  programmes of  university education, etc. 

The Information Centre of Romania is a platform for development of the training programmes and professional staff development courses in Romanian language; the centre promotes different exchange programmes between Comrat State University and   the universities of Romania.

The equipment of the centre was provided by the Policy Department for relations with Romanians around the world.

The aim of the Romanian Information Centre is to provide effective Romanian language training to the students and to organize various cultural events.

A good knowledge of Romanian language and culture provides our graduates with good employment opportunities; our graduates have the opportunity to work in pre-university institutions, such as schools, lyceums, colleges; our programme provides students with the skills necessary for Radio and Television careers in the region.




Racovcena Tatiana  dr., conf.univ.
Prorector pentru știință și relații internaționale

Cuțitaru Natalia  dr., conf.univ.

Mititelu Oxana  dr., conf.univ.


Dimitriu Carmen  dr., lect.univ. (România)


Botezatu Liubov  dr.,conf.univ.


Mutcoglo Galina  drd., lect.univ.


Nedu Liudmila  drd.,lect.univ.

Starciuc Aliona  lect.univ.




I Cycle

0114.8/0114.10 Limba şi literatura romănă şi engleză
0114.09/0114.10 Limba şi literatura bulgară şi engleză
0114.10/0114.09 Limba şi literatura engleză şi rusă
114.09 Limbi și literaturi (Limba şi literatura bulgară şi rusă)

II cycle

0114 Formarea profesorilor
1.Tendințe actuale în lingvistica și literature română
2.Filologia bulgară (limbă, literatură, educație)


Continuing education courses:

0114.8  Limba și literatura română (alolingvi)

0114.9  Limbi și literaturi (bulgară)