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Head of the Department,

Maestro in Arts of RM

Shchegoleva Tatiana Ivanovna

Contact details:

Address: Republic of Moldova, Comrat, str.Galatsan 17

tel.: +373 29825165

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Intensive development of Comrat State University in the early 90s of the twentieth century entailed the development of its leading departments. The Department of Culture and Arts has been operating at the Faculty of National Culture since 1992. Tanasoglo D.N. and Tanasoglo L.P. were at the origin of the department. The first specialties of the department were: "Directing", "Acting", "Cultural Studies". In 1993, at the initiative of Tanasoglo D.N. and Pometko S.V., Maestro in Arts of RM, the specialties “Conducting”, “Choreography” and “Instrumental Performance” were opened at the department. In 2006, the specialty "Music" was opened.

The first head of the department was Lyubov Petrovna Tanasoglo. Then, in different years, the department was headed by: Zhekova E.F., Iofchu N.I. - Honored Worker of Culture of Gagauzia, Mikhailovsky A.Z., Rushika K.I. - Honored Worker of Culture of Gagauzia.

From the 2011-2012 academic year, the department has been headed by Tatyana Ivanovna Shchegoleva - Maestro in Arts of RM, Honored Worker of Culture of Gagauzia.

In the period of formation of the department, in accordance with opening of new specialties, new curricula and syllabi of educational disciplines have been developed; the staff-team grew and developed. Since 2016, a master's program has been launched, the first students of which were mainly graduates and employees of the departments of our university.


The mission of the Department of Culture and Arts is training, education and development of competent, erudite, mobile and sociable specialists capable of innovation and self-development, who are aware of the priority of spiritual and moral values and their civic responsibility to future generations.


  • The implementation of the competency-based approach, strengthening the practical orientation in the field of training of specialists.
  • Organization of educational and methodological support of educational programs, research and educational activities at the university.
  • Strengthening the scientific, educational and methodological base, the use of information and communication technologies.
  • Improving educational work, formation of the cultural and moral environment of students, which ensures the formation of their civic activity and responsibility.
  • Cooperation with educational institutions on the issues of the provision of educational services.
  • Increasing the level of professionalism, qualifications and self-improvement of the teaching staff, the most complete realization of their creative potential.

Full Name, position

Subjects taught


Polyukhov Nikolai Mikhailovich

Doctor, associate Professor, lecturer

Cultural Studies, Aesthetics,  Cultural Aspects of Art


Tatiana Shchegoleva I.

lecturer, Maestro in Arts of  RM

Honored worker of culture of Gagauzia

Conducting, Musical Instrument (violin), Reading scores, Arrangement.


Iofciu Natalia

lecturer, Honored worker of culture of Gagauzia

The main musical instrument (violin).

Additional musical instrument (fortepiano, violin)


Mutkoglo Tatiana Demyanovna


The main musical instrument (piano, vocals).

Additional musical instrument (fortepiano, vocals)


Stanțoi Natalya Gheorghievna

lecturer, Honored worker of culture


The main musical instrument (piano).

Additional musical instrument (fortepiano)


Taranenko Yuri  Vasilievici,

lecturer, Honored worker of culture of Gagauzia

The main musical instrument (Trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, Hyde).


Conducting. Additional instruments (trumpet, saxophone, tuba, clarinet, viola)


Mavrodi Domna Ivanovna,


Choral class, conducting, musical literacy.


Choral and orchestral literature, methods of working with the choir


Poidolova  Irina Stepanovna,


Choral conducting, vocals, concertmaster, methods of musical education.


Zlatova Olga Georgievna,


Conducting, pedagogical practice, concertmaster


Timofey Dmitry Valeryevich,


The main musical instrument (the accordion)

Additional musical instrument (accordion)


Todorov Vitaly Nikolaevich,

Doctor, lecturer

Methods of teaching school curriculum, Modern technologies in music education.


Popova-Ivanush Margarita Vasilyevna,

Associate Professor, People’s Artist of RM

The main musical instrument is vocals. Canto


Strezeva Anna,

Associate Professor, People’s Artist of RM

Theory and history of music. Music Art of Moldovan People.


Filev, Ilya Ilyich

Maestro in Arts of RM.

Honored worker of culture of Gagauzia

Arrangement, reading of scores.


Veliksar Veronika Nikolaevna

Doctor, lecturer

Methodology of musical education in preschool institutions, primary and secondary education.


The Department of "Culture and Arts" trains highly qualified specialists in the following specialties:

  • I cycle - 0114.12 "Muzică" Training is conducted full-time and part-time.
  • II cycle - “Musical education in a multicultural environment” - full-time.

Priority activities of the Department of Culture and Arts:

  • Providing high scientific and methodological level of classes.
  • Conducting research (scientific and methodical, experimental) work in the area of the Department’s disciplines.
  • Developing basic approaches and training of teachers in the implementation of education in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Providing a quality system of professional development of employees of preschool educational institutions of the Republic, teachers of primary, secondary and music schools.
  • Preparing educational and methodological documentation for the disciplines of the Department.
  • Providing scientific and methodological justification of the generalized best pedagogical experience.

The team of lecturers of the Department of Culture and Arts has a great creative potential and is characterized by efficiency and social activity constantly self-improving.

The transition to new educational standards, the organization of training in accordance with new curricula, the increase in the volume of scientific information, the introduction of innovative educational technologies in the educational process require the staff of the Department to constantly search for new content of professional education.

In accordance with the qualification of specialists, the Department organizes internships in preschool institutions, primary schools, the Pedagogical College and the music school, where students acquire practical skills of a music worker in children’s pre-school institutions, a teacher of music education in primary schools and gymnasiums and a teacher at music school. Lecturers of the Department are also scientific advisers on licentiate papers, as well as scientific research activities of students on topical issues of music education, music theory and practice of preschool and primary education.

The work plan of the Department link

Activities of the Department:

Lecturers of the Department actively involve students in research activities: students annually participate in the organization and conduct of scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables. The following events have become traditional: Student Scientific and Practical Conference "Scientific and Educational Space: Realities and Prospects for Improving the Quality of Education", seminars of the cycle "Problems of training a social worker in Gagauz Eri", practice-oriented seminar "First steps in science. How to write a scientific article", holding a student psychological and pedagogical discussion club on topical issues of pedagogy and psychology, and other interesting events, as well as events of student associations "Warm palms" and "The Initiative".

Scientific directions of the Department:

"The use of Bessarabian folklore in the lessons of musical education" (doctor, lecturer Veliksar V. N.);

"Gagauz component in the lessons of musical education" (doctor, lecturer Todorov V. N.);

"Formation of self-esteem among students" (doctor, associate Professor N. M. Polyukhov);

"New information and computer technologies in music education" doctor, lecturer Todorov V.N.);

"Formation of professional qualities of a musician-concertmaster" (Shchegoleva T. I., lecturer, Maestru în Artă RM);

"Development of musical perception of children of primary school age at lessons of musical education" (lecturer Timofey D. V.);

"The role of music in the aesthetic life of children" ( lecturer Iofciu N. I.);

"Effective application of modern educational technologies at musical education lessons" (Zlatova O. G.).

Information for students

The curriculum for the specialty 0114.12 "Music" is developed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, the Law on Education of the Republic of Moldova, the “Plan Cadru” and other regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova. The specialty "Singing" is intended for the modern system of pre-university education at the level of preschool education, primary education, training in children's music school, in the Lyceum and the music Department of the Pedagogical College. The subsequent training and formation of a person's personality depends on its quality. This curriculum is based on the requirements of the Bologna process in higher education.

0114.12 "Music" is currently one of the most popular specialties. A specialist with the degree "Licentiate in Music" is prepared for teaching and research work in the field of music.

The sphere of professional activity is preschool institutions, music and general education schools, lyceums, music department of the Pedagogical College.

The obtained qualification allows the graduate to work in institutions in the Republic of Moldova as an instrumentalist in orchestras, a vocalist of a vocal ensemble or choir and an accompanist.

The major department for the specialty 0114.12 "Music" is the Department of "Culture and Arts" of Comrat State University. Currently, the Department trains teaching staff in the specialty: "Music" (full-time and part-time education). The Department has three doctors of pedagogical Sciences, two Maestro in Arts of RM, five lecturers and Honored Workers of culture of Gagauzia, two lecturers with a master's degree. The Department is proud of associate professors Anna Streseva (lecturer of music theory and history) and Popova-Ivanush Margarita Vasilyevna (lecturer of vocal class) - People's Artists of the Republic of Moldova

In 2000, at the Department, there was founded an ensemble of violinists "Elegy" consisting of lecturers and students of the department, which a few years later received the status of “professional”.

In 2007, an instrumental ensemble "Dixieland" was created, which successfully participates in festivals and competitions in Moldova and Gagauzia.

Lecturers of the Department together with students prepare and conduct various cultural events, which are held both at the university and abroad.

The Department participated in the Republican competition "Wedding customs and traditions" where it took 2nd place at the RM and became the diploma holder of this contest; the second-year student Dragunov Ilya took the 1st place in the Republican contest of young performers "Prezintă orchestra Folclor" 2017; Pogolov Irina, a student of the II cycle, became the laureate of this contest.

In 2017, a cooperation agreement was signed with the International Organization of Turkic Culture TURKSOY. By the end of 2018, it is planned to open the TURKSOY center at the Department of Culture and Arts.

The opening of the specialty 0114.12 "Music" provides the southern region of Moldova with highly qualified personnel in the field of musical education.

Upon successful completion of studies at the university, graduates of the Department have the opportunity to get a second cycle university education - the master's degree.

The staff of the Department maintains close business relations with the leading Universities of Moldova and foreign universities.


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Curricula and Analytical Programs

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