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Agricultural Production and Processing Technology Department
Serghei CARA
Associate Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
The Head of the Department
Contact details:
Address: 17, Galațan Street, Comrat, Republic of Moldova
Tel: (+37329825673)
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Agricultural Production and Processing Technology Department is aimed at developing and maintaining a high standard of university education and scientific research in production and processing of agricultural products in the Republic of Moldova. The successful realisation of the mission is carried out by promoting effective cooperation of the department academic and teaching staff with the scientific community, the implementation and development of educational and professional training programs for the first-cycle (Licentiate) degree programme students as well as for the second-cycle (Master's) degree programme ones.


The academic and teaching staff of the department:

  • Cara S.V. - Associate professor, Doctor of agricultural sciences, head of the department;
  • Varban S.A. - Professor, Doctor habilitat;
  • Fedotova L.V. - Associate professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences;
  • Soldatenco O.V. - Associate professor, Doctor of Engineering;
  • Neicovcena Y.S. - university lecturer, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences;
  • Sucman N.S. - university lecturer, Doctor of Chemical Sciences;
  • Coșeliova O.K. - university assistant, Master of Agricultural Sciences;
  • Statov N.K. - university assistant;
  • Bass E.F. - university assistant.

Areas of faculty’s research:

  • Grape production modern technologies development and implementation in the agro-ecological conditions of the ATU Gagauzia;
  • Ecological beekeeping innovative technologies in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Grape winery waste processing innovative approaches development ;
  • Monitoring the quality of water resources used in agriculture;
  • Climatic conditions and problems of desertification in the southern zone of the Republic of Moldova and regularities of agricultural natural resources use.
  • Biological diagnostics of the soil in the farms of the south of Moldova.
  • Isolation of local yeast strains for white and red wines production .

The faculty participates in the following projects:

  • “Improving skills in laboratory practice for agro-food specialists in eastern Europe” (Ag-Lab);
  • “Stereoizomerii spiro [ciclopropan-oxindolilor] cu activitatea antivirală” 19,80012,80,07А;
  • “Forme farmaceutice solide multecomponente nanodimensionale inovatoare, care conțin hexaammincobolt (III) cu proprietăți antivirele și antibacteriene” 17.80013.8007.10 / 6245A STCU;
  • Implementation of GIS technologies in agricultural production.

The department provides training in the following specialties:

 I cycle

  1. “Engineering and agricultural production and processing management”, awarded degree of Licentiate of Engineering;
  2. "Food Technology", awarded degree of Licentiate of Engineering;
  3. “Agronomy”, awarded degree of Licentiate of Agricultural Sciences.

II cycle

  1. “Agricultural Production Management”, awarded degree of Master of Agricultural Sciences;
  2. "Agroecology", awarded degree of Master of Agricultural Sciences;
  3. "Grape and wine production in the conditions of the South of the Republic of Moldova", awarded degree of Master of Agricultural Sciences;

The graduates apply their knowledge in various areas of activity in the ATU Gagauzia and abroad:

  1. Şevcenco Eugenii - director, ATU Gagauzia Environmental Agency;
  2. Petrov Vitalii- chief agronomist, Agro-Sadîm LLC;
  3. Peicov Eugenii - chief agronomist, Aidin JSC;
  4. Esir Grigorii - chief agronomist, Enija LLC;
  5. Mihail Chiurcciu - consultant agronomist Ukravit LLC;
  6. Iasîbaș Alexandr - consultant agronomist Vadalex-Agro LLC;
  7. Сoltuс Victor - head of production, Basarabia-Agroexport LLC;
  8. Vlah Eugenii - chief technologist, Tomai-Vinex JSC;
  9. Zlatova Irina - Head of the Laboratory, Tomai-Vinex JSC;
  10. Dmitrii Nezalizov - veterinarian, Russia.

The department has laboratories of Agrochemistry, Microbiology, and Plant Physiology. In these laboratories students have the opportunity to conduct laboratory classes and tutorials in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, agrochemistry, microbiology and plant physiology. Graduate and undergraduate students conduct research studies in the laboratory the results of which are indicated in their licentiate and master's theses.

The best students have the opportunity to complete the interneship abroad, in particular, Turkey and Bulgaria.