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Faculty of Law


Address: Comrat, st. Galatzana, 17
Phone (+373 298) 2-44-57, 2-37-87
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Dean - Ph.D Associate Professor Arseni I.


The history of the faculty begins simultaneously with the creation of the university. The first enrollment of law students was carried out in December 1990.

From 1992 to 1993 law students were part of the Faculty of Economics, from 1993 to 1997. - They were part of the faculty of national culture. Only since 1997 at the meetings of the Administrative and then the Senate, it was decided to create a legal department on the basis of faculty rights, which was then headed by a senior lecturer, now a doctor conference assistant, Zakharia S.

Three departments were then included in the legal department: the Department of Jurisprudence, which was headed by senior lecturer I. Nedyalkov; Department of "Social Disciplines", which was headed by a doctor, associate professor Marunevich M .; Department of Foreign Languages, which was headed by a senior lecturer E.P. Bevza.

From the first day of the opening of the specialty “Law”, employees with academic degrees and vast experience in law enforcement were involved in the educational process over the years: doctors of associate professors - V. Guzun, M. Rokachuk, K. Fedorov, A. Baurchulu. , Lebedev V., Tyutekina Yu., Shinnik D., Izhitsky L., Gorelko N., senior lecturers - Kristioglo I., Nedyalkov I., Inglis P., Javorski N., Kiseev N. - Honored Lawyer of Moldova, ex Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova and many others.

Since 1997, correspondence courses have been opened at the legal department. Groups were recruited on the basis of higher education, secondary special education and on the basis of a bachelor.

In October 2005 by the decision of the collegium of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova, the decision of the Senate of KSU on the transformation of the department into the law faculty was approved.

At the Faculty of Law, both full-time and part-time studies are practiced. It is taught by full-time specialists who have academic degrees and pedagogical ranks, as well as specialists with extensive practical experience in law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, courts and public authorities. A number of young teachers study in doctoral programs of the Republic of Moldova and specialize in the fields of law.

At the faculty work - 3 doctors habilitat professors, 2 - doctors habilitat, associate professors, 3 - doctors, professors, 12 - doctors of sciences, associate professors, 10 - doctors of sciences, teachers and 7 - doctoral students studying in doctoral programs of the Republic of Moldova, which educate and prepare future specialists in the areas of "Law", "Public Administration" and "History and Civic Education", both in the 1st cycle - Licensure, and in the 2nd cycle - Master.

Along with full-time employees, faculty also work on a part-time basis at the faculty, however, this fact does not negatively affect the educational process.

The age composition of the faculty varies from 23 to 75 years. I must say that a large percentage of teachers belong to the category that over 30 years. These are such employees as: doctors habilitat, professors - Birgau M., Popa V., Smokine A.; doctors habilitat, associate professors Mikhalake Yu. Schukin N .; Doctors, professors Morara V., Ignatiev V., Pine B .; Doctors, associate professors - Zakharia S., Sult G., Kristeva N., Mironova S., Nyagova A., Poptsova A., Lysenko V., Doncha A., Demchenko M., Florea E., Frunze Yu., Grosu V .; Doctors, teachers - Yanak I., Terzi N., Arseni I., Chirkov E., Sanduts G., Kirlan G., Zlatovchen A., Poalelunzh O., Botezatu I, Khorozov S .; Masters, doctoral students - Georgieva S., Sary T., Tatars O., Leichu G., Sakara A., Lewandowski N., Kuyzhuklu E.

In addition to full-time teachers and teachers - part-time faculty of law, teachers of other faculties are also involved in the educational process with law students.

The Faculty of Law graduated with a degree in Law - more than 2,000 students.

The management of the faculty provides:

Dean of the faculty - doctor, associate professor - Sult G. (bg 2-37-87);

Laboratory assistant-methodologist of the faculty - Dimitroglo L. (rt 2-37-87).

The faculty of law includes three departments:

- Department of "Public Law" - acting Head Department of Master of Law Sary T. (mercury 2-60-57).

- Department of "Private Law" - acting Head Department of Doctor Arseny I. (b.c. 2-20-31)

- Department of "Military Training" - acting Head Chair Russu A.

The departments of "Public Law" and "Private Law" are graduating departments in the specialties of "Law" and "Political Sciences".

On September 1, 2007, the faculty opened the II cycle of study (master's program) of full-time education in the areas of training:

Law - specializations “Criminal Law”, “Civil Law” for specialized specialties of the I Cycle (licensing), where graduates of the faculty can continue their studies and receive the title of “Master of Criminal Law”, “Master of Civil Law”, and specialization “Corporate Law” for non-core specialties of the I Cycle (licensing), where graduates of.

Graduates of the faculty are actively involved in law-making activities both in the legislative body of the Republic of Moldova - in the Parliament, and in the regional - in the National Assembly, in particular: A. Suhodolsky - Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova; Kissa V. - Chairman of the National Assembly of Gagauzia; Dragan N. - deputies of the National Assembly of Gagauzia.

They also work in various executive bodies of public administration: I. Vlakh - Head (Bashkan) of Gagauzia, member of the Government of the Republic of Moldova; Tanasoglo O. - Deputy. Heads (Bashkan) of Gagauzia; Monol P. - Head of the territorial branch of the State Chancellery of Moldova in Comrat; Topal I. - head of the Administration of the Comrat region; Sukhova S. - deputy. Head of the Main Department of Justice of Gagauzia.

The bodies of the prosecutor's office, court, appellate chamber, advocacy, justice, police: Kolev G. - judge of the Appeals Chamber of Comrat; Khrapakov V., Khudoba V. - judges of the Court of Comrat; Ivanova O. - judge of Rybnitsa; Rings F., Patraman S. - prosecutors of the ATU Gagauzia prosecutors; Arnaut V. - Dean of the South Law Office; Topal F. - lawyer of the city of Vulcanest, A. Mikhalchuk - lawyer of the city of Chadyr-Lung, Kapakly I. - lawyer, Kochu M. - lawyer of the city of Comrat; Kovalenko S. - lawyer m. Comrat; Tarleva I. - notary m. Comrat, Ganeva L. - notary m. Comrat; Dyachenko V. - head of the documentation department of the Appeals Chamber of Comrat; Sukhov V. - Head of the territorial office for legal assistance guaranteed by the state and many others.

The Faculty of Law maintains close cooperation with universities of Moldova, as well as universities of near and far abroad.

All specialties of the Faculty of Law were accredited by the Higher National Council for Academic Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Moldova.