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American Resource Center

at the Department of Foreign Languages

Comrat State University



The American Resource Center was founded in 2005. The Center is equipped with modern audio and video materials, educational, scientific and fiction literature.

Since 2005, the material and technical base of the American Resource Center has been regularly replenished.

The availability of various fiction and specialized literature: textbooks, dictionaries, reference books and periodicals allows the use of multimedia tools in teaching foreign languages. Students have the opportunity to use literature in order to write essays, term papers, as well as license and workshop projects, as well as teachers in preparation for lectures, seminars.

Various events are held at the American Center: training seminars and master classes with the involvement of professors from the USA. Discussion club meetings are regularly held by teachers from America for the students of the region. This allows students to develop their language skills, improve their vocabulary, and learn a lot of new and interesting things about the USA. The Center closely cooperates with colleagues and teachers from the USA. Peace Corps Volunteers, as well as teaching assistants in the program from the United States, have made and are making a huge contribution to the activities of the Center.

Teachers and students have participated in programs organized by the US Embassy:

- Junior Faculty Development Program (USA);

- Fulbright Development Program (USA);

- Leadership Professional Program;

-Global Ugrad.

The American Center is regularly sponsored by the US Embassy in Moldova through grants.

 List of American Resource Center projects for the period from 2005 to 2020:

-2020-2021- “Renovation of the American Resource Center”

- 2017-2018 - "American Resource Center Supplies"

-2015-2016 New Horizons through English II

- 2015 - "Identity and Perspective."

-2014 - "Master you English to Spread Good Ideas."

- 2013 - Received Literature (books and textbooks)

- 2011-2012 - Received Computers and Furniture

- 2009 - Received TV

- 2005 -Received Literature (books, dictionaries, textbooks)

In 2020, a grant was received as part of the Renovation of the American Resource Center project, aimed at redesigning the American Center and creating a favorable atmosphere for the center.

At the moment, the center is equipped with modern technology (computers, interactive whiteboard, projector, laptops) and modern educational literature.