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Department of Private Law


Tatar O.V. Head of the Department, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor
Address: 17 Street Galatsan, Comrat
Phone: (+373 298)2-20-31, +37368205588
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History of the Department

 The Department was founded in 2003 by division of the Department of Law into the Department of Criminal Law and the Department of Civil Law. The Department of Civil Law was later renamed to the Department of Private Law by the decision of the CSU Senate in 2009.


Since the foundation in different periods the department was headed by:

until 2005 - Mironova S., Doctor of Law, Associate Professor;

2005 - 2007 - Nikita S., university lecturer;

2007 - 2008 - Zavalnyuk A., senior lecturer;

2008-2009 - Zaharia S., Doctor of Law, Associate Professor; 

2009-2013 - Sary T., Master of Law, university lecturer;

2013-2014 - Ianac I., Doctor of Law, university lecturer;

2014 - 2022 - Arseni I., Doctor of Law, Associate Professor;

March 2022 - August 2022 Suhodolskaya L., Master, university assistant;

01.09.2022- present - Tatar O., Doctor of Law, Associate Professor.


Taking into consideration that the Department of Private Law together with the Department of Public Law are the graduate departments in the specialty of Law, the first cycle of higher education - Licentiate, the development history and the activity of the Department is in close contact with the Department of Public Law.

Thus, over these years a considerable contribution to the formation and the development of the Department of Private Law was made by Doctors of Law, Associate Professors - Baurciulu A., Lebedev V., Tiutechin I., Șinnic D., Izhitski L., Gorelco N., Guzun V., Rocaciuc M., Fiodorov C., senior lecturers - Christioglo I., Nedialcov I., Inglis P., Iavorschi N., and the Honoured Lawyer of Moldova, ex-judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova - Chiseiev N.

Today the academic staff of the department includes: Doctors of Law, associate professors - Zaharia S.C., Arseni I.V., Tatar O.V., Sciucina N.V., Ignatiev V.P., Sosna B.I., Frunze J.I.; Doctors of Law, university lecturers - Horozov S.G., Sakara A.V.; and the Master of Law -  Sukhodolska L.A.

The department does research in the area of civil and procedural legislation, as well as labour, land and housing legislation. The academic staff of the department has elaborated and issued a considerable amount of methodical material accumulated over the years. The personnel of the department actively publish the results of their research in national and international scientific periodicals, as well as in the proceedings of the international and Republican conferences.

Thanks to numerous studies carried out by the academic staff the Master’s students are actively involved in research activities in the higher education second cycle specialization - "Civil law" while working over Master's dissertations.

The Department of Private Law is a graduating department for the specialty of Law of the I cycle of higher education - Licentiate, and specialization of Civil Law, the II cycle of higher education - Master's Degree, full-time and part-time tuition.

In order to achieve the goals set, the Department maintains close relations with different educational institutions from the Republic of Moldova, those from the foreign countries, as well as develops cooperation with European Universities. The process of preparation of the promising experts at the department is so mobile that allows students to be employed in courts,advocacy and justice.

Our graduates work in the Prosecutor’s Offices, courts, Appeal Chambers, advocacy, justice and police: Hrapakov V., Hudoba V. - judges of Comrat Court; Ivanova O. - Judge of the city of Rîbnița; Tarleva I. - notary of m. Ganeva L. - notary in m. Comrat,  Kapakli I.- lawyer, Cociu M. - lawyer in m. Comrat; Covalenco S. - Attorney-at-law in m. Comrat

Due to the fact that our graduates are in high demand, they do not have any problems with employment.