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Department of Private Law

Address: Comrat, st. Galatzana, 17
Phone (+373 298) 2-20-31
E-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
And about. Head departments
Arseny Igor, Doctor of Law


The department was established in 2003, by dividing the department of "Law" into the department of "Criminal Law" and "Civil Law". The name of the department “Civil Law” was renamed by the decision of the Senate of KSU in 2009 to “Private Law”.

Since the formation of the department, at different periods it was headed by: Mironova S., Master of Law, teacher until 2005, Nikita S., teacher - 2005 - 2007, Zavalnyuk A., Art. Lecturer - 2007-2008, Zakharia S., Doctor of Law, Associate Professor - 2008-2009, Sary T. Master of Law, teacher - 2009-2013, Yanak I., Doctor of Law, teacher - 2013-2014, since 2014 To date, the department is headed by a doctor of law, teacher Arseny I.V.

Given that the department of "Private Law" together with the department of "Public Law" is a graduating department in the specialty of "Law" of the First Cycle of Higher Education - Licensure, the history of development and the activities of the department are in close contact with the department of "Public Law".

So, over the years, a significant contribution to the establishment of the Department of Private Law was made by doctors of law, associate professors A. Baurchulu, V. Lebedev, Yu. Tyutekin, D. Shinnik, L. Izhitsky, N. Gorelko, V. Guzun, Rokachuk M., Fedorov K., senior lecturers - Kristioglo I .., Nedyalkov I .., Inglis P., Javorski N., Kiseev N. - Honored Lawyer of Moldova, ex-judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova, etc.

Today, the faculty of the department is represented by: doctors habilitat law, associate professors Schukina N., Mikhalake Yu .; doctors, associate professors of law Ignatiev V., Pine B., Frunze Yu .; Doctors of sciences, associate professors Zakharia S., Nyagova A., Paptsova A.; Doctors of sciences, teachers Arseni I., Pashaly P., Khorozov S .; Masters of Law, teachers Tatars O.V., Sukhodolskaya L.A., Sakara A.V., Kuyzhuklu E.S.

Today, the department conducts scientific work and research in the field of civil, civil procedure legislation, as well as labor, land, housing legislation.

During the period of work at the department, significant methodological material has been accumulated and developed. Teachers of the department actively publish the results of their research in international scientific publications of near and far abroad, in the materials of international and national conferences.

Numerous studies conducted by the faculty of the department, allows you to actively attract graduate students to scientific activities in the specialization of the 2nd cycle of higher education - Master's degree in Civil Law, when writing master's theses.

The department "Private Law" is the graduating department in the specialties "Law" and "History and Civic Education" of the 1st Cycle of Higher Education - Licensure and specializations "Civil Law", "The History of the Peoples of Southeast Europe" II Cycle of Higher Education - Master, full-time and correspondence courses.

At the Second Cycle of Higher Education - Master in the areas of training: "Law" and "Humanities", graduates can continue their education in the specialized direction of the First Cycle of Higher Education - Licensure, specialties "Law" and "History and Civic Education".

In order to achieve its goals, the department actively maintains close ties with various educational institutions both in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, and develops cooperation with European universities. The process of preparing future specialists at the department is so mobile that it allows students to find jobs in the organs of the court, advocacy and justice.

Our graduates work in the bodies of the prosecutor's office, court, court of appeal, advocacy, justice and police: Khrapakov V., Khudoba V. - judges of the Court of Comrat; Ivanova O. - judge of Rybnitsa; Tarleva I. - notary m. Comrat, Ganeva L. - notary m. Comrat; Kapakly I. - lawyer, Kochu M. - lawyer of Metro Comrat; Kovalenko S. - lawyer M. Comrat

In view of the great need for our graduates, problems with employment with them.