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Friday, 12 April 2024 10:48

Meeting with the rector of KSU

The rector of the University of Comrat Dr. Sergey Zaharia met with Dr. Sam Robert Benson, professor of linguistics from Toronto, Canada.

The rector told the guest about Comrat University, emphasizing the active implementation of international projects.  The projects in the field of education development, improvement of the methods of training students in different fields are possible at KSU thanks to the work of more than 15 international centers, on the basis of which students have the opportunity to study foreign languages in depth, to participate in grants for scholarships to study abroad, to learn about the traditions and culture of foreign countries.

The Rector noted the interest in establishing contacts and cooperation with colleagues from Canadian universities and expressed readiness to prepare and implement joint projects.

Dr. S.R. Benson holds a Bachelor's degree in English and American Literature and Philology, is a Master of Humanities  (Theology), defended with honors a dissertation in linguistics at the University of Toronto and a doctoral dissertation in political science (international relations) at the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (Kiev, Ukraine).  He has practiced as an English teacher in Canada and abroad for over 30 years. Dr. Benson spoke about his experience working with international students in teaching English, and gave some ideas about possible joint initiatives with KSU.

The guest also told about his scientific experience - participation and organization of scientific events and presentation of scientific reports at international scientific conferences in Oslo, Norway, Venice, Italy and Kiev, Ukraine.

After the meeting with the rector, S.R. Benson met with the head of the Foreign Languages Department, Master P.D. Nikolaeva, and the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. I.V. Arseni, and discussed possible areas of cooperation, including the organization of training seminars for Comrat’ students.  The specialists of the International Department gave the guest a tour of Comrat University, introduced the structure of the university and visited the international training centers. 


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