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Thursday, 25 April 2024 23:14

Installation of new electric stoves in student residence CSU

The COMRAT STATE UNIVERSITY administration has recently purchased and installed in the university dormitory, modern cooking stoves. The new stoves will greatly improve the cooking environment for students. Featuring new and modern cooktops and built-in ovens, they will not only provide quick and efficient cooking, but will also allow for a greater variety of dishes to be prepared. Students have expressed excitement about these upgrades, as they will make their daily cooking chores easier. The new stoves also promote safety with their advanced features and safety systems. This improved cooking equipment will help students plan their nutritional needs more efficiently and save time on food preparation. The installation of the new stoves is part of the university's strategy to modernize and improve students' living conditions. The administration of Comrat State University hopes that this upgrade will benefit all the residents of the dormitory and make their student life more comfortable and pleasant.

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