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Friday, 08 October 2021 20:57

Professor Dr. Halit Hami ÖZ visited Comrat State University

The main purpose of his visit was a discussion of organizing for “The X International Conference on Computer Processing of Turkich Languages “TurkLang 2022” at Comrat State University. 

The aim of the series of international conferences "TurkLang" is to create a space for joint computer linguistic research for the Turkish languages of the Russian Federation, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, etc. The scope of TurkLang includes the following topics: formal models for Turkic languages, national localization of computer systems, corpora of national languages, morphological and syntactic analyzers, speech technologies, semantic technologies, machine translation, intellectual systems and technologies for e-learning, linguistic ontologies for Turkic languages. New results on the modeling and processing of Turkic languages are presented at this conference. The International conference TurkLang has been held on an annual basis since 2013.

TurkLang 2021  http://www.turklang.net  


Within the framework of the same meeting, Prof. Dr. Halit Hami Oz and Serghei Zaharia, Rector of KSU, PhD. associate professor also discussed the  questions about master's programs based on the double degree model - this is a great opportunity to get foreign and Moldovan education, to improve intercultural communication skills. Students of joint programs will master part of the educational program at a Turkish partner university, which will allow them to personally get acquainted with major universities in Turkey, attend classes of leading professors, and have access to all educational and scientific resources of a foreign university.



His wife, Asst. Prof. Dr. Doina Popescu Near East University, ELT department, Istanbul.

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