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Thursday, 14 October 2021 09:08

Cooperation Agreement

An agreement on cooperation in the preparation and development of cooperative educational programs, specialized courses, grants, research activities and projects  in the field of electoral law and the formation of electoral culture was signed by the Rector of CSU https://kdu.md/, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Serghei Zaharia and by the director of the Center for Continuing Education in the Electoral Field (CICDE) http://www.cicde.md/ , Dr. Doina Bordeianu.

Both of them, CSU https://kdu.md/ and CICDE http://www.cicde.md/ will consult on determining priority spheres for cooperative educational curricula, as well as practical training programs, continuing education courses, scientific research, information and analytical basis, topics and teaching methods.


Rector, Dr. Serghei Zaharia

Director, Dr. Doina Bordeianu

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