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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 14:17

Visiting the special guests out of the USA to CSU

The representatives of the administration of Comrat State University https://kdu.md/ , Serghei Zaharia, Rector of CSU, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Gheorghe Sult, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of CSU, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sofia Sulac, Ph.D. Associate Professor, the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, the representatives of the Law Faculty: Svetlana Gheorghieva, Master of Law, the Head of the Department of Public Law and Tatiana Sari, Master in Law, Lecturer at the Department of Public Law, and the secretary of the Strategic Council of CSU participated at the Conference regarding ”US Judicial System” with Special Guests out of USA and representatives of Moldova State University https://usm.md/: Olimpia Gribincea, the Country Director for NCSC’s Advancing Legal Reasoning and Writing in Moldova program, funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs and Inna Jimbel, Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Doctor of Laws, Attorney at the Law Office, Senior Associate Project Consultant.

The honorable guests talked about how the US judicial system works, its characteristics, the structure of the Federal Court, the Supreme Court, facts concerning judges, prosecutors, lawyers, the US judicial system and other professional lawyers.

The participants discussed the differences between the judicial system in the Republic of Moldova and the USA; the best way to teach and lecture to train legal professionals; the strengths and weaknesses of the judicial system, the similarities of disciplines in the judicial system of legal schools in the USA and the Republic of Moldova.

It was also announced about the possible addition of a discipline related to legal written speech to the curriculum of the Faculty of Law of the Moldavian State University and Comrat State University.

This academic discipline is practice-oriented and is aimed at developing sustainable skills for creating legal texts in accordance with the requirements of procedural legislation and rhetorical rules for convincing arguments. Students who have studied the discipline will not experience difficulties in formulating their position on legal issues in the texts of expert opinions, procedural documents or business letters, they will be able to present their arguments consistently and convincingly. Based on the results of mastering the discipline, students will be able to interpret legal texts taking into account the position of the party they represent in the dispute, evaluate the position of opponents on the submitted texts, give counter-arguments and convincingly state them in their written objections. Legal writing in disciplines redefines law in its disciplinary context. Integration into any legal community occurs through the processes of reading and writing arguments.

We will be glad to cooperate with specialists from the USA and are ready to give our students the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the judicial systems of different countries!

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