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Thursday, 30 December 2021 21:16

Meeting of academic staff of CSU with the professors from Germany

21.12.2021 Rector of CSU https://kdu.md/, S. Zaharia, Ph.D. Associate Professor, the Head of the ITMF Department, G. Popil, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, R. Covrikova, Ph.D. Associate Professor, T. Velikova, Ph.D. Associate Professor, L.Chissa, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, S. Lupashcu, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, O. Sibova, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, met online with representatives of the German company Business Consulting and Software Development Company https://www.ai-ag.de/, http://customer.rbe.plus/https://systhemis.de/.

Within the framework of the online meeting there was a discussion of the proposal to work and cooperate with the SYSTHEMIS AG company involving the academic staff of the Department of Information Technologies, Mathematics and Physics to jointly produce productive and long-term work.

The professors of information technology and exact sciences from Universities in Germany are interested in working at our Comrat State University and ensure high quality of work performed and services provided, increase the efficiency of projects implemented by the organization, coordinate the organization of the scientific potential of Universities in solving production problems and provide access to common knowledge bases and general information resources.

SYSTHEMIS AG (Würzburg, Germany) is an experienced team of software developers, requirements analysts and IT consultants who work on outstanding software solutions. 

In addition to modern software development, the company's services include process-oriented IT consulting and IT project management, a flexible work environment, a team atmosphere where there is always room for new ideas with a flat hierarchy.

Additional information on the company's activities can be found on the website: https://systhemis.de/.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/systhemis/ 

Linkedin page: https://de.linkedin.com/company/systhemis-ag 

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