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Friday, 21 January 2022 13:18

Master students presented the reports on the professional internship of the specialization "Agricultural Production Management"

 An integral part of the training of highly qualified specialists, undergraduate students in the field of 081. Agricultural Sciences is a professional internship.

The main purpose of the internship is training, gaining experience in performing professional tasks and duties, improving professional knowledge and skills, studying and mastering new technologies, techniques, acquiring additional competencies, developing skills and abilities as one of the forms of additional professional education (professions, qualification or vocational training).

On January 17, 2022, Master students presented the reports on the professional internship of the specialization "Agricultural Production Management" of the Department "Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products" of the Faculty of Agrarian Technology.

The professional internship of undergraduates is research, it was implemented at the agricultural enterprises of the UTA Gagauzia on the basis of signed agreements on scientific research.

The signed agreements are aimed at:

training of specialists who meet the requirements and specifics of modern enterprises and organizations;

  • introduction of innovative achievements of science and technology in the production process;
  • joint development of new integrated areas of scientific research, modernization and diversification of areas for training highly qualified specialists in the higher education system, development of innovative forms of interaction and integration of vocational education and science;
  • joint implementation of innovative activities in the educational, scientific and industrial spheres.

The reports were presented in  the University, using PowerPoint. The Master’ students showed results of research work carried out in accordance with the approved work plan. The high level of scientific research on topical issues of agricultural production and processing as well as the level of training of undergraduates was noted.


Supervisors of the professional internship: PhD. Professor / Doctor Habilitat Varban S.A., PhD. Associate Professor Cara S.V.,  PhD. Associate Professor Adajuc V.A., PhD. Associate Professor Neicovcena Y .S., Doctor Lecturer Cartasev A.A., Doctor Lecturer  Makhamat Yamtitina.


  Dean of the Faculty of Agrarian Technology

PhD. Associate Professor Serghei Cara

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