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Tuesday, 22 March 2022 16:30


On the 21st of March, 2022 the representatives of the administration of Comrat State University https://kdu.md/ , Rector, Serghei Zaharia, PhD Assoc. Prof., Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Gheorghii Sult, PhD Assoc. Prof., Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations, Sofia Sulak, PhD Assoc. Prof.,  held an online meeting with the representatives of the administration of Chisinau State Pedagogical University “I. Creanga” https://upsc.md/ru , Rector, Alexandra Barbaneagra, PhD Assoc. Prof., Vice-rector for Science and International Relations, Lyudmila Armasu, PhD Assoc. Prof., and Tatiana Petcu, Main  Specialist of the Department of International Relations and Project Management.

Within the framework of the meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed between Comrat State University, represented by Rector, Serghei Zaharia, and Chisinau State Pedagogical University “I. Creanga”, represented by Rector, Alexandra Barbaneagra.

The purpose of cooperation is the interaction of universities in the process of scientific and methodological collaboration: the exchange of knowledge, information, positions and curricula in the field of education on a joint basis.

This agreement involves the development of joint programs for higher education, postgraduate and doctoral studies within the framework of international cooperation, quality assurance and international recognition of curricula, as well as:

- Promotion of the European practice of promoting the implementation of the goals of the Bologna Agreement, exchange of information in relevant areas, exchange of curricula and materials, academic experience, researchers and students in accordance with academic resources and available financial means, depending on the needs of the parties.

- Development of joint projects and mutual support in order to raise funds for joint work and research, in particular from EU funds in areas of mutual interest.

- Stimulation and deepening of the mutual exchange of information, literature, journals and books, documents, scientific publications and experience between the two universities.

- Organization and active participation in joint scientific and cultural events (conferences, symposia, seminars, round tables, etc.) with the themes of cooperation projects and research projects in areas of mutual interest.

The activities carried out under this Agreement will be initiated primarily by the academic units at each university and in coordination with their respective administrative units engaged in international activities.

Ректор Комратского Государственного Университета https://kdu.md/,
Сергей ЗАХАРИЯ, доктор, конференциар университар
Ректор Кишиневского Государственного Педагогического Университета им. И. Крянгэ https://upsc.md/ru,
Александра БАРБЭНЯГРЭ, доктор, конференциар университар
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