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Thursday, 05 May 2022 15:09

Our Congratulations!

Accreditation of the Department 

"Foreign Languages ​​(English and German)"

On average, once every five years, specialties of higher educational institutions are accredited. For the management and the entire academic staff, this moment is a great job: the accreditation experts carefully check the documents, evaluate the quality of education and the level of organization of the educational process.

Specialty accreditation is the approval of the ANACEC program. Such official recognition is necessary in order to be able to recruit and train students, as well as to issue a state diploma in the relevant specialties.

On the basis of accreditation, applicants have the opportunity to get free education only in specialties that have passed the test and received a certificate. According to the accredited specialty, the university receives budget places. Thus, students enjoy benefits and receive a scholarship.

 By the decision of the ANACEC Board of Directors dated on April 28, 2022 according to the results of an external quality assessment for accreditation of the higher education program of Comrat State University, namely: 0114.10 Foreign Languages ​​(English and German), 011 Pedagogical Sciences, 240 ECTS credits, full-time education is accredited for a period of 5 years , by the decision № 36 dated 04/28/2022.

The administration of the Comrat State University congratulates the academic staff and students of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of CSU, as well as future applicants with accreditation!


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