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Wednesday, 07 September 2022 09:21

Comrat State University Celebrated Knowledge Day

Every year the first of September is the day when school bells ring for the first time all over the country and when great events take place. Comrat State University is not an exception. The first day of autumn was also eventful and interesting there.

The festive event dedicated to Knowledge Day and the beginning of new academic year was opened by the Rector of Comrat State University, Sergey Zaharia Ph.D. Associate Professor.

This year, more than 450 first-year students joined the ranks of student community at Comrat State University.

The rector addressed to the first-year students: «Today is a special day for you. You are joining the ranks of students at State University of Comrat! And this day is a new start, the beginning of a new stage of life... You have become students of one of the best universities in our country.

CSU is a big multinational family. We have students from Turkey and Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Russia, and some other countries. We are proud of our high prestige at the world level obtained as a result of international activities. Many graduates of CSU hold high posts both in our region and abroad which proves the high quality of education at our university. This high quality of education at CSU is realized thanks to the teaching staff and the material and technical equipment of our university».

The distinguished guests were present at this great event. They congratulated students on the beginning of new academic year:

- the Consul of Turkey in Comrat, Hasan Akduan;

- the Deputy of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, Uzun Ilya.

The students were also congratulated on Knowledge Day and the beginning of new academic year by: SC. Sulac, Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations; C.P. Taushanji, Professor of CSU; S.A. Varban, professor, ex-rector of CSU; Mahamat Yamtinin , Doctor of Science, university lecturer at the Faculty of Agriculture and Technology of Comrat State University; Todorici L.P., Dean of the Faculty of Economics; Cara S.V., Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Technology; Arseni I.V., Dean of the Faculty of Law.

In addition to this special event, congratulations were addressed to the first-year students by senior students in different languages: English and German, Romanian and Russian, as well as in Turkish.

Then, in a friendly atmosphere, the first-year students met with the rector of Comrat State University in the Assembly Hall. Students had possibility to ask questions and get answers to all their questions.

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