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Monday, 06 March 2023 16:07

Protocol of Cooperation between Comrat State University and Balikesir University (Turkey)

A protocol of cooperation was signed between Comrat State University and Balikesir-Turkey University.

The protocol was signed by the rector of Balikesir University Prof. Dr. Yücel OĞURLU and the rector of Comrat State University Dr. Doc. Sergei ZAHARIA.

The agreement, which will be in force for three years, aims at conducting research to improve cooperation in education, culture, research and development between the two universities, as well as the mutual exchange of academic knowledge and experience of the staff of both universities. The signed agreement provides for the exchange of academic staff and students, as well as the provision of academic research for general use. In addition, there are plans to develop and strengthen the existing relationship through research that will contribute to the development of both institutions in the fields of education, culture, research and development.


Prof. Dr.


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